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Chapter 534: The Definition of Adoration

The Moon Empress cut up the Spirit Savory Pig into small pieces and added some sauce made from Diamond Plums.

She set the dish down in front of Lin Yuan and said, “The Supreme Chef fattened up this Spirit Savory Pig with many good things. It’s slightly cloying even though it was roasted with the strange Fiery Meteor from the dimensional rift. The Heart Plum sauce is perfect for offsetting the sickening taste, and they taste pretty good together.”

Cold Moon already thought that the Moon Empress was going a bit too far when she used the Diamond Smooth Crystal-Thread Jujubes, but now she thought that the Moon Empress had gone right off the edge.

The Heart Plum was a medicine that could cure damaged sources.

Although healing-type spirit qi professionals could treat all sorts of injuries, if other spirit qi professionals’ feys did not have special exclusive skills, they would still be susceptible to damage from source-type lifeforms.

Injuries related to the heart were not only considered to be external injuries, but they were also under the umbrella of damaged sources.

In order to fully recover, they needed a Creation Master to treat them with a concoction made of spiritual ingredients.

The plant-type Heart Plum’s plums were effective against healing heart-related injuries.

Low-grade Heart Plums were not only sold all over Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion but they were also sold at large markets. They were not considered precious goods.

On the other hand, a Diamond Heart Plum was another matter.

The Heart Plum was a type of fey that was virtually impossible to nurture to evolve.

Most feys, including the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, which needed to absorb many more times of spirit qi than other feys, would be able to evolve once they absorbed enough spirit qi.

However, the Heart Plum would be stuck once it reached Gold grade.

It would only be able to evolve if it absorbed the tree cores of ten other Heart Plums of the same grade.

An immeasurable quantity of low-grade Heart Plums’ tree cores would be needed to nurture a high-grade Heart Plum.

In the hands of a Creation Master, a Silver Heart Plum could soothe traumatized hearts.

Creation Masters could use Platinum Heart Plums to heal cracked hearts.

Creation Masters could use Heart Plums to heal shattered hearts, essentially saving a life.

The unique attribute of the Heart Plum was that it tasted delicious.

As a spiritual ingredient that could heal source injuries, the Heart Plum tasted much better than even the most premium food ingredients.

A few prestigious, affluent families made a habit of eating Heart Plums and even added a few dried ones into their cooking to enhance the flavor.

However, even the most elite of affluent families did not consume Heart Plums that were higher than Gold grade.

Cold Moon knew that the Moon Empress was not a wasteful pe

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