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Chapter 531: Two Choices

Liu Jie quickly thanked her.

“Thank you, Chief Guard.”

Upon hearing this, the brush in Night Leaning Moon’s hand stopped. She immediately placed it on the table and said, “Don’t thank me yet. This is your reward for everything you sacrificed in the evolving dimensional rift.

“However, I will still give you two choices...

“The first is to obtain the natal poison core from the Blade Queen Bee’s body and allow the Insect Queen to complete its mutation.

“Following which, if you can obtain one of the top ten seats of the Radiance Hundred Sequence and qualify to compete for a position in the Radiance Envoy, the Spirit Guards will give you a sacred source lifeform.”

Liu Jie was immediately shocked by the Chief Guard’s words.

This first choice actually had a reward in the form of a sacred source lifeform!

It was just that it would not be easy to obtain the sacred source lifeform.

The Radiance Hundred Sequence members all concealed their strength. Everyone was holding in their breaths.

By making it such that he had to get into the top ten of the Radiance Hundred Sequence in two years and qualify to compete for a position in the Radiance Envoy, the Spirit Guards would be making a huge investment in him.

However, Liu Jie would need to prove himself before he could attain this investment.

A sacred source lifeform was at stake!

Within each Class 5 dimensional rift that so many experts had to combine forces to resist, only a single sacred source lifeform could be produced.

This was something that Liu Jie did not even dare to think about.

However, his desire for a sacred source lifeform was no less intense than others’.

After all, Liu Jie had only been able to contract one source-type lifeform—the Insect Queen. He did not have as many choices as others.

Nevertheless, Liu Jie did not immediately agree after hearing about this generous first choice. Instead, he asked, “Chief Guard, what about the second choice?”

Night Leaning Moon proceeded to say cleanly, “The second choice is for you to become my disciple.”

While Liu Jie had been shocked deep down by the mention of a sacred source lifeform previously, he now felt his heart almost leap out of his chest upon hearing this.

This was simply too much excitement for one day!

Did one really need to choose if one were presented with the option of being the Chief Guard’s disciple?

Even someone who was not a fool would choose the second option without hesitation.

Although Liu Jie was no fool, he did not immediately make a choice.

Experts always strove to accept many disciples. Few could tolerate it if their own disciple had already sworn a rune oath to another with a Willpower Rune.

A rune oath made with a Willpower Rune represented a constraint that could never be resisted.

Liu Jie had already sworn to Lin Yuan with a Willpower Rune to become the latter’s retaine

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