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Chapter 528: The Grace Queen and the Sword of Punishment

Lin Yuan was immediately startled upon hearing that voice.

He had already found its source—it had come from the depths of his soul.

He subconsciously pushed his thoughts into the depths of his soul. He discovered that he could touch it unimpeded this time, although he had failed to do so before.

There, Lin Yuan immediately found that within one of the two humanoid shadows was a girl with her eyes closed, a crown on her head, and a sharp sword in her hand.

He used True Data to scan the girl floating in the air within the shadow.

Upon analyzing True Data’s information, Lin Yuan was suddenly at a loss for words!

Could sacred source lifeforms merge?

The girl whom he had scanned was not one sacred source lifeform but two that were merging together.

These two sacred source lifeforms were presently merging together slowly into one.

This led Lin Yuan to think about the scene in his dream where the reddish-gold light had coerced the crown-wearing girl into embracing that sharp sword.

According to True Data, this girl was a sacred source lifeform with the name ‘Grace Queen’.

And the sword with the gorgeous patterns engraved on its hilt was also a sacred source lifeform with the name ‘Sword of Punishment’.

These two sacred source lifeforms had already been 70% fused.

After the remaining 30% fused together, the two would become a new sacred source lifeform.

Lin Yuan made a rough calculation based on the time that he had spent in a coma. He would know what kind of sacred source lifeform would come about from the fusion of the Grace Queen and the Sword of Punishment in about three days.

In the process, the two’s abilities would be sealed off as they fused together.

As they had already been around 70% fused, Lin Yuan could not understand their individual abilities from the information he had obtained from True Data.

Nevertheless, just by looking at her name, the Grace Queen was a sacred source lifeform with support abilities, while the Sword of Punishment was one with attack abilities.

Lin Yuan was not at all worried about what the two would fuse to become—he was filled only with intense anticipation.

The Moon Empress and the Mother of Bloodbath had both previously mentioned that every sacred source lifeform had irreplaceable abilities.

This also meant that sacred source lifeforms did not have a weak existence.

Moreover, even if Lin Yuan did not know why these two perfectly good sacred source lifeforms would fuse together in his soul, he knew that the new lifeform birthed from their fusion would be stronger than their original forms!

If not, why would they even fuse?

In the depths of his soul, Lin Yuan could hear the crowned girl with her eyes closed calling him “My Lord” continuously, even when he was deep in sleep.

He felt a throb originating from his bloodline.

This throb c

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