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Chapter 545: Guessing Identity

After he saw that the news was posted on the Purchase With No Loss store fan club, Lin Yuan’s eyes immediately narrowed.

The usually active fan club instantly erupted into chaos after seeing the news.

Island Blossom: “Bro, you even managed to eat this? Impressive!”

Lake Spirit: “Bro, is this real? Did you mistype?”

The original poster, Recluse Study, had anticipated that people would find his post hard to believe.

Instead of offering an explanation, Recluse Study posted: “I’m not impressive. I’m also not boasting. However, my uncle is a very powerful nomad spirit qi professional. He saw it with his very own eyes. There’s no way it’s wrong!”

Despite his assurance, many people still expressed their disbelief, and they started to conduct their own investigation.

In the beginning, the Purchase With No Loss store fan club only consisted of a small group of Lin Yuan’s online friends. Most of them came from the group that liked to snatch up Usnea and Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

The number of people in the group did not increase up until Lin Yuan removed the Usnea and Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

Since they had joined the group the earliest, they stood by it through thick and thin. They visited the Purchase With No Loss store almost every day to wait on Lin Yuan’s newest Usnea and Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

As such, they were the ones who usually snapped up all the new stock.

Thus, it became more difficult for newcomers to join the group based on their interest in Usneas and Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

Ever since Lin Yuan started using the Flower Brocade Pearls to conduct blind trading, more and more people who had a wealth of resources started joining the group.

Recluse Study had entered the group by using a large amount of mid-grade strange flames to blind trade for Flower Brocade Pearls.

People of a similar milieu to Recluse Study dared to say that one of their family members saw it with their own eyes.

This meant that there was a good chance that he was telling the truth.

Nine days ago, the bright moon had hung high in the sky, and the moonlight had been stained with blood. The radiant moon had totally eclipsed the proud sun that should have been taking center stage.

Such an earth-shattering event might boggle the minds of both people.

However, anyone with a little knowledge would link it to the ever-quiet moon.

That was why Recluse Study’s post attracted the attention of almost every person in the group almost immediately.

A member of the group called Sleep Addiction asked Recluse Study a question that many other people had also been asking.

Sleep Addiction: “Bro, you said that the daytime moon had something to do with a young person. Who is this young person?”

Recluse Study instantly replied. “My uncle said that it had something to do with a pair of Master and disciple.”

Recluse Study had just posted the message wh

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