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Chapter 538: Lin Pigeon Who Chirped for Two Days

After dinner, Cold Moon immediately led several spirit attendants to organize Chu Ci’s accommodations at Leaning Moon Mountain.

Chu Ci was Cold Moon’s only disciple.

Besides Lin Yuan, Chu Ci was now a true core member of the Radiant Moon Palace.

Chu Ci carefully selected a loft that faced the stream that ran along the Radiant Moon Palace.

The loft had a traditional design. As it was situated next to the stream, the aroma of nature permeated the air.

This loft was not far from where Lin Yuan was staying.

As the sun disappeared below the horizon, the sky was stained with navy hues.

Once Lin Yuan sent Chu Ci home to the loft, he took a rest in the loft.

Lin Yuan realized that Cold Moon had meticulously decorated the loft with Chu Ci in mind.

Although the loft did not appear to be very elegant, it was actually extremely opulent. Even the decorative vases inside were made of amazonite.

Under the light, the gleaming amazonite vases were just as radiant as jade.

The amazonite had Yin energy and was very beneficial to women’s skin.

A table completely made of amazonite sat in the main room of the loft.

The amazonite seemed familiar to Lin Yuan.

It suddenly dawned upon him that the amazonite table was Cold Moon’s favorite that used to be in her own residence.

Cold Moon had placed her favorite item in Chu Ci’s room without a second thought for how precious it was.

Cold Moon’s love and adoration for Chu Ci were almost tangible.

A few spirit fruits were washed and stacked on an amazonite platter in a classy display. These spirit fruits were harvested lately. Shortly after being exposed to the nourishing aura of the amazonite, the spirit fruits were even fresher than before they were harvested.

Lin Yuan could not shake the feeling that the room was missing something.

In a stroke of genius, Lin Yuan decided that when the time came, he would place the jade Black Back Mountain Boar made by Hu Quan in Chu Ci’s accommodation. Chu Ci would probably like that.

Lin Yuan prepared to leave.

Before he left, Lin Yuan pressed down the stray hair on the top of Chu Ci’s head.

“Rest early tonight. I’ll be taking you to our other home tomorrow morning,” said Lin Yuan.

The sight of the dark circles under Chu Ci’s eyes made Lin Yuan’s heart ache.

I was in a coma for so long. Chu Ci must have been worried about my safety and hasn’t been able to sleep properly.

Chu Ci nudged Lin Yuan’s hand with her head and stretched lazily.

“Big brother, I want to watch another battle on Star Web. I want to learn when to release defensive abilities from other defense-type spirit qi professionals. I’ll go to sleep after I battle on Star Web for half an hour,” said Chu Ci.

As Chu Ci spoke, her delighted smile overtook her features.

Chu Ci might not have admitted it, but the past seven days had been a rolle

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