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Chapter 532: Liu Jie’s Fate

Night Leaning Moon waved her hand and tossed a box carved out of white jade to Liu Jie.

Liu Jie looked through the white jade box and saw a subtle layer of rainbow light on the interior.

When he saw the rainbow light, Liu Jie felt a strange sense of familiarity. It was as though he had seen it not long ago.

Liu Jie made a guess to himself.

Liu Jie opened the white jade box to see a glowing rainbow mass nestled inside.

The glowing rainbow mass was the legendary sacred source lifeform.

He was shocked and slightly frightened to receive this from his new Master.

Liu Jie did not accept the white jade box with the sacred source lifeform inside.

Instead, he placed it on Night Leaning Moon’s table and said, “Master, I haven’t fulfilled the first condition of reaching the top ten in the Radiance Hundred Sequence and gaining the right to be a Radiance Envoy.”

Night Leaning Moon waved her hand again.

A few petals immersed in soft blue light appeared on the table.

The underside of the petals was as blue as the sea and was dotted with glistening flower sap. They carried a refreshing comfort that could soothe souls, and it seemed like they had only just recently fallen.

“Since you address me as Master, I need to carry out the responsibilities that come with the title. How can my disciple be without a sacred source lifeform? You’re already past 20 years old, which makes you more than capable of contracting sacred source lifeforms. The flower sap of these Blue Snow Soul Fragrance petals can protect your soul and allow you to contract the sacred source lifeform without a problem. You won’t have to suffer soul damage. Why don’t I protect you now while you contract the sacred source lifeform?”

While Liu Jie had spoken with courtesy and honesty, Night Leaning Moon had spoken with utter nonchalance.

For some reason, when Night Leaning Moon heard Liu Jie address her as Master, she experienced a new feeling. It was the feeling of having a sense of responsibility.

This feeling of responsibility was surreal to Night Leaning Moon. It was different from the overwhelming sense of responsibility she felt as the Chief Guard of the Spirit Guards. The responsibility of being a Master was more exquisite.

In the past, Night Leaning Moon had never had a legacy, but now with Liu Jie as her disciple, she did.

He was someone to whom she could directly pass down her legacy.

Night Leaning Moon used to think that the Moon Empress was overly doting of her disciple.

Once she became a Master, Night Leaning Moon understood why the Moon Empress did what she did.

It was why she naturally retrieved the Blue Snow Soul Fragrance’s petals.

Liu Jie was floored by the situation. He stared at the blue petals on the table and smiled dazedly when he heard the name Blue Snow Soul Fragrance.

He was unfamiliar with the term.

Liu Jie had never heard of the Bl

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