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Chapter 535: Make Your Own Decision

The Moon Empress knew that she needed to share more information about sacred source lifeforms with Lin Yuan during their question-and-answer session.

Could it be that after he contracted a sacred source lifeform, he’s trying to find another so that he can fuse them? Is he trying to form a completely new sacred source lifeform? What a strange way of thinking.

When Mystic Moon heard what Lin Yuan said, he almost choked on the roast meat in his mouth.

He admired Lin Yuan’s weird thought process.

What kind of weird brain would come up with such a way to maximize their advantage? If what he said was true, then sacred source lifeforms would be able to enhance their abilities by absorbing other sacred source lifeforms!

The Moon Empress noticed that Lin Yuan had almost finished his pork. Thus, she picked up a white Dehua porcelain bowl and filled it up with jujubes as dessert for Lin Yuan.

It was one thing for the Moon Empress to adore Lin Yuan, but this treatment was not giving Lin Yuan a secretive lifestyle.

The Moon Empress was anxious over Lin Yuan’s health now because she had been scared silly when he had exited the dimensional rift.

The fright did not stem from the sight of Lin Yuan’s desiccated hands, but because the barely 20-year-old Lin Yuan had undergone a marrow contract with sacred source lifeforms. He had allowed sacred source lifeforms to enter his soul.

This was also why the Moon Empress had snapped the rabbit’s carrot in half without hesitation and given it to Lin Yuan.

Nevertheless, the Moon Empress was thankful that Lin Yuan had formed a marrow contract with the sacred source lifeforms.

It was a milestone in a spirit qi professional’s life when they managed to contract a sacred source lifeform.

There was no way to regret or redo the act.

If Lin Yuan had only formed a blood contract with the sacred source lifeform, then it was likely that he would not be able to utilize it with the same ease as if he formed a marrow contract.

At his age and level of power, Lin Yuan did not understand the difference between a blood contract and a marrow contract.

However, once he became a top expert, the difference would be much more evident.

The Moon Empress saw this coincidence of Lin Yuan contracting a sacred source lifeform as a lucky blessing for him.

When Lin Yuan heard the Moon Empress’s reply, he understood that the fusion process of his sacred source lifeforms was out of the ordinary.

Even someone as powerful as the Moon Empress had never heard of something like that.

After waking up, Lin Yuan had noticed there was really a young crowned girl with her eyes closed and a sword in her hands in the depths of his soul.

This was when he knew that the dream he had been having, while he was comatose, had actually taken place in the depths of his soul.

Lin Yuan thought back to the golden light that had envelop

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