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Chapter 540: The Ambition to Swallow Everyone’s Resources

Pan Yue’s heart was full of anger. It happened that Jin Qi had hit the muzzle this time.

She stared at Jin Qi and realized that there was a fair bit of melted dark chocolate smeared at the corners of the latter’s lips.

Pan Yue snorted and said, “Your whole mouth is dirty.”

With that, she turned around and returned to her residence to log onto Star Web and meet with her friends.

Jin Qi really did not understand. She had only asked, “What did you say just now?”

Why did Pan Yue have to say that her whole mouth was dirty?

I wasn’t even scolding you!

Jin Qi was not stubborn, but because she simply hadn’t been able to keep up with Pan Yue’s rhythm, she hadn’t had time to immediately counterattack.

Hence, she could only mess around in the wind by herself.

At that moment, Lin Yuan happened to pass Jin Qi by and saw her in the wind.

He quickly realized who the girl before him was. She had been with Wen Yu when the latter’s source had been damaged and was the spirit attendant who always troubled the latter.

Upon seeing the girl frozen in place, Lin Yuan felt that he should explain what had happened just now.

“She said that your whole mouth was dirty because you had dark chocolate smeared at the corners of your mouth.”

In the darkness, Lin Yuan felt that the dark chocolate at the corners of the girl’s mouth looked like nose hair sticking out of her nostril.

Jin Qi had not expected someone to speak beside her and subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice.

As she glanced over, she immediately bowed.

“Good evening, Master Lin Yuan.”

If Jin Qi had had a lot of other thoughts about Lin Yuan before, then her fear of facing him at this time far outweighed them.

Who knew if Wen Yu had spoken ill of her during the long period she had been with Lin Yuan?

Lin Yuan had always had a bad impression of Jin Qi.

It was not that whatever Jin Qi did was wrong. It was just that some people’s hearts were like flowers and trees when they advanced, growing toward the sun.

Others were like lycoris, growing toward the dark.

Compared to those who grew toward the dark, Lin Yuan undoubtedly viewed the ones that grew toward the sun in a more positive light.

However, even if he didn’t like Jin Qi, he wouldn’t do anything about it.

He nodded at her and walked toward his own pavilion.

Jin Qi quickly let out a breath after seeing Lin Yuan leave. She realized that when Wen Yu had been beside Lin Yuan, Wen Yu hadn’t done anything to her and had even nodded at her.

He held absolutely none of his previous intention of helping Wen Yu recover from her shame.

Jin Qi was a little surprised. Wen Yu had seen her on her return to the Radiant Moon Palace and had also nodded at her without doing anything to her.

With this thought in mind, Jin Qi stood rooted to the spot in the darkness. She f

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