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Chapter 542: Lin Yuan Is Reaped for Benefits

Lin Yuan felt as though he had entered a rippling underwater world upon stepping onto the Aquarium of Bliss’ territory.

Just the rippling blue waves made the territory look quite extraordinary.

Looking at the mosaic blue crystals at his feet, Lin Yuan understood the meaning behind the decorations in the Aquarium of Bliss’ territory.

The Aquarium of Bliss had inlaid a large amount of amazonite sand in the ground, such that there must have been some top-class energy ores containing vast spirit qi beneath the ground.

Under the rendering of the spiritual qi seeping from these energy ores, the amazonite sand rippled with sparkling blue water.

It was just that Lin Yuan was accustomed to seeing nice things. He felt that although the blue waves had momentum, their color was a little patchy and not sufficiently smooth.

This was especially so because Lin Yuan had just come from the loft that Cold Moon had decorated for Chu Ci.

All of the turquoise ripples around the Aquarium of Bliss’ territory could not compare to the transparent blue water of Chu Ci’s loft.

They could not compare to the amazonite table in the loft.

They even paled in comparison to the amazonite decorative vases.

After all, amazonite sand was only the mineral encapsulated within amazonite.

Nevertheless, this large amount of amazonite sand must not have cost a small sum.

Star Web’s private territories were not small. It was a show of grandeur to mix amazonite sand on the ground over such a large territory.

If not, if there was not enough to fill some places,

The rippling blue waves would not fuse smoothly into one piece, immediately making the Aquarium of Bliss’ private territory lose its feel as a water world.

Lin Yuan sighed. If he were to inlay so much amazonite sand in his own private faction territory,

he really would not be able to afford to trade without selling the foundational spiritual ingredients that he had hoarded.

Lin Yuan would not easily trade the source-type items or the Suzerain Myth Breed feys’ bodily items that he had hoarded, especially essence blood and law crystals.

Moreover, he would not easily use the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls continuously produced by the Bronze/Legend Elemental Shellfish in the Spirit Lock spatial zone without first trading foundational spiritual ingredients.

After all, good steel must be spent on the blade.

While Lin Yuan had been unconscious for so long, a new batch of completely jade-textured wood had matured.

This wood had supplemented Lin Yuan with a large sum of money to spend.

Before he could meticulously inspect the other decorations in the Aquarium of Bliss’ territory, he caught sight of a blue-robed middle-aged man walking toward him. After sizing him up once over, the man said, “To trade aquatic feys here, you need to first buy an Immortal Bliss tablet. Each Immorta

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