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Chapter 529: Skipping a Grade and the Woman in Black on the Rope Bridge

“Haven’t you already met Liu Jie and Wen Yu?

“Previously, you also saw all those people when we were on that video call.

“They all hope that you can come over. Wen Yu already set up a room for you when the mansion was built.

“Uncle Hu knows that you like Black Back Mountain Boars, so he even made some wooden carvings of them that he left in your room.”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, Chu Ci wondered if she still wanted to defend herself at this time.

She could not remember how many times she had already told Lin Yuan that she only liked eating Black Back Mountain Boars—she didn’t like the boars themselves.

However, every time she explained this, Lin Yuan would always be afraid that she was oversensitive and would hint to her that she was free to like any fey.

Not being too concerned about this, Chu Ci decided to give up on correcting him.

The shyness on her face also vanished.

After she had grown a bit older, Chu Ci had also begun helping Lin Yuan greet the guests at his fey store.

Although she was not good with words, she was also not a coy person.

It was just that, meeting so many of Lin Yuan’s friends at once still made a 16-year-old girl like Chu Ci feel a little nervous.

After all, even if she did know some of the mansion’s inhabitants, she had only met them through a video call and not in real life.

Suddenly, Chu Ci recalled Cold Moon’s suggestion for her before the latter had become her master and said, “Brother, Master said that if I qualify for the Redbud Hundred this year, I can represent them to participate in the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s selection next year.

“I will also get the chance to qualify for the ten Radiance Hundred seats.

“If I do qualify for the ten seats, Master suggested that I should directly skip a grade and take the entrance examination for Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan did not immediately help Chu Ci make a decision as he would have done so before.

Instead, he smiled slightly and replied, “You’re all grown up now. You can make your own decisions about these matters.”

In this world, the person who most understood Lin Yuan may not have been Chu Ci, but the person who most understood Chu Ci was definitely Lin Yuan.

Although Chu Ci was usually rather reserved, she was someone with her own ideas.

Since Chu Ci had brought this matter up with him, it proved that she was already planning to skip a grade and enter Royal Capital Advanced Spirit Qi University.

Previously, Lin Yuan had gritted his teeth and chosen to let Chu Ci continue her education under such difficult conditions because he had wanted her to experience a complete childhood and feel that she could gain the same knowledge as other children with parents.

However, Chu Ci now chose to embark on a path for prodigies through her talent an

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