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Chapter 543: I Want Two

The Aquarium of Bliss was really a damn talent. It even incorporated a lucky-bag model into the transaction of feys.

Were they not saying, “Even if you buy my aquatic feys, if you don’t buy enough of them, don’t even think about buying high-grade ones!”

If you want a high-grade fey, you will still have to take everything else you don’t need along with it.

This way, the Aquarium of Bliss really didn’t need to worry about sales!

It could even get others to buy low-grade feys without having to pay for any losses themselves.

This was really too vicious!

Since Lin Yuan wanted to purchase the Angelfish of Bliss to produce spiritual-type fish coats,

he needed to minimally evolve it to Epic.

If the Angelfish of Bliss had a juvenile grade, then all of Lin Yuan’s efforts would have been in vain.

Lin Yuan felt that he could not buy tens of these ordinary Immortal Bliss tablets mixed with amazonite sand before preparing to buy a large number of defective Angelfish of Bliss in a fish-betting process!

When the blue-robed man had mentioned the Immortal Bliss tablet, Lin Yuan had noticed the key word ‘ordinary’.

That meant that higher-end Immortal Bliss tablets existed.

Hence, Lin Yuan asked, “Might there be an Immortal Bliss tablet that isn’t an ‘ordinary’ one?”

Upon hearing Lin Yuan’s words, the blue-robed man took out a slightly larger Immortal Bliss tablet with a motion of his hand.

The specks of blue on this larger tablet were far more transparent than those on the smaller one.

With one glance, Lin Yuan knew that amazonite fragments had been mixed into this tablet.

The blue-robed man only said, “Buying this high-end Immortal Bliss tablet will make you a VIP at our Aquarium of Bliss.

“High-end Immortal Bliss tablets cost 200,000 Radiance dollars each. However, you can enjoy two more privileges compared to the ordinary 50,000 Radiance-dollar Immortal Bliss tablet.

“The first privilege is that upon entering, our employees will immediately take out 100 of the aquatic feys you desire.”

Upon hearing this, Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up.

Although the price of a high-end Immortal Bliss tablet could buy four ordinary ones, he could use it to see 100 Angelfish of Bliss at once.

That was equivalent to spending four times the money to enjoy 100 times the happiness.

Just the first privilege was so great. Lin Yuan could not help but begin to look forward to hearing about the second one.

The blue-robed man continued. “The second privilege is that you can let go of a batch of 100 aquatic feys once in exchange for a new batch.”

Before Lin Yuan could spend four times the price to experience 200 times the happiness, the blue-robed man cleared his throat and cautioned, “Of course, besides these privileges, you must remember that the high-end Immortal Bliss tablet allows you to buy 100 of the specified feys in one batch at once instead of

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