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Chapter 533: Ultimate Transformation

Since Lin Yuan had helped Liu Jie to replenish his spiritual power, the explosive impact of his insect army during the battle was at least three times more powerful than Liu Jie’s original power.

Even if he could raise his power by at least three times, if he could not stand out in battle to blast away the obstacles in Lin Yuan’s way, he would only be able to rely on his body after the Insect Queen’s army had depleted. It would not matter how much he wanted to fulfill his duty; he would still be dead weight.

Liu Jie was unbelievably anguished by his helplessness.

He might currently be #30 in the Radiance Hundred Sequence, and the Cocoon of Evolution had started hatching inside the Insect Queen, but watching Lin Yuan improve put immense pressure on him. The Insect Queen’s huge boost in power was not enough.

Liu Jie knew that as long as Lin Yuan continued on this trajectory, he would soon surpass Liu Jie.

When that time came, the sword and shield he could become would be dull and useless in the face of his faith.

With a Master and the chance to reach for the heavens, the ever-insecure Liu Jie had a golden opportunity before him.

Night Leaning Moon needed to understand Liu Jie before she accepted him as a disciple, and Liu Jie also needed to think things through deeply.

To a loyal person like Liu Jie, the moment he addressed Night Leaning Moon as Master, he would hold her in that esteem for the rest of his life.

Night Leaning Moon frowned when she heard Liu Jie’s thanks.

“What are you thanking me for? I’m your Master. Let’s begin. I obtained this sacred source lifeform from within a Class 5 marsh dimensional rift. I hope its powers will be compatible with your Insect Queen,” said Night Leaning Moon.

No one knew what powers a sacred source lifeform contained before it was contracted.

Even an amazing expert like Night Leaning Moon could not know what the rainbow-glowing sacred source lifeform looked like.

It could be said that contracting a sacred source lifeform was just like opening a blind box, for each item in the box had its own use.

Yet, one had no clue if the item in the box would be a good fit with what one already possessed.

Night Leaning Moon’s words, and because she was Liu Jie’s Master, felt like a blessing to Liu Jie.

It did not matter even if the sacred source lifeform was of no use to the Insect Queen.

One contracted sacred source lifeform was akin to Liu Jie owning a technique that defied the laws of reality.

A few hours later, a pillar of energy shot into the sky.

All of the experts in the Spirit Guards’ headquarters looked as though they had been plunged into eternal and all-consuming darkness.

In an instant, the terrifying pressure vanished.

Several Spirit Guard experts looked in the direction of the Chief Guard’s study.

They all began guessing what could have happened to the Chief

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