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Chapter 536: The Brother Who Was Taught a Lesson by His Sister

When the Moon Empress saw Lin Yuan take hold of the sacred source lifeform, she said earnestly to him, “Three years later, I need to be by your side to protect you if you plan on attempting to allow your soul to contract a sacred source lifeform again.”

The Moon Empress thought back to when the dimensional rift had just spat out Lin Yuan and how the sacred source lifeform had cataclysmically shattered his soul.

The Moon Empress had made a point of saying that she needed to be by Lin Yuan’s side the next time he wanted to contract a sacred source lifeform. Still, she was essentially saying that she needed to be there to protect him in order to increase his chances of contracting his second sacred source lifeform.

Souls were different from fate.

A person could lack talent, but as long as they worked hard, they could very well achieve the same results as a more talented person.

However, the difference in souls was decided upon the moment a person was born. Nothing could be done to close the gap.

Even if a spirit qi professional used the most valuable spiritual ingredients in their attempt to contract a second sacred source lifeform, they would only be able to protect their soul from being damaged by the sacred source lifeform’s attacks. His chances of being able to successfully contract the sacred source lifeform would not rise.

The Moon Empress said what she said because she did not want Lin Yuan to suffer the pain of having his soul shattered again.

The Moon Empress’s words of concern brought a bright, toothy smile to Lin Yuan’s face.

“Don’t worry, Master. I’ll make sure to be by your side the next time I want to try contracting a sacred source lifeform,” Lin Yuan promised her.

Lin Yuan’s innocent beam and the promise he gave her were music to the Moon Empress’ ears.

The Moon Empress could not help but smile internally.

The Moon Empress had always felt that Lin Yuan was wise beyond his years. Although he was only 18-years-old, both the way he spoke and the manner in which he acted was that of a fully matured adult.

This had always saddened the Moon Empress.

If Lin Yuan was someone else’s disciple, the Moon Empress might have been impressed at the way that Lin Yuan carried himself.

But since he was her disciple, Lin Yuan hoped that he would not carry so many burdens on himself.

As his Master, the Moon Empress hoped that Lin Yuan could live a carefree life like a regular 18-year-old.

The way that Lin Yuan currently appeared like the young man he was warmed the cockles of the Moon Empress’s heart.

Lin Yuan kept the sacred source lifeform into the amber-button-shaped fey storage box and devoured the fragrant jujubes.

Lin Yuan could not help but start to think about how he could use the sacred source lifeform. He lifted his head and looked at Chu Ci, who was currently scooping jujubes into a

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