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Chapter 539: You Are Imagining Things and Creating Lies

Otherwise, the other people in the group might not only say that the group leader was lurking but also that he had run off after robbing the group welfare.

On the way back, Lin Yuan found that a slight breeze in the night air was enough for the chill to pierce his bones.

There should still be three days till New Year’s, after which came spring.

It should be deep winter now, but the cold night breeze carried a sliver of warmth normally associated with spring.

Lin Yuan played his experiences in Indigo Azure City like a movie in his mind. Once he was done, other than sighing at the sheer intensity of the peril he was in, Lin Yuan felt that his life had become more fulfilled.

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard a lovely female voice laced with the haughtiness of a lady of high society call out, “Don’t be so competitive. We should compare who can get up earlier. If you don’t sleep, I won’t either. We’ll eventually be together. Count it as your blessing. You’ll never be able to escape me!”

Lin Yuan was shocked to hear such a voice.

Where in Leaning Moon Mountain would such an obviously elite lady’s voice come from?

Shortly after, Lin Yuan heard another slightly familiar voice.

“Who are you talking to, Pan Yue? Are you dating someone online?”

Jin Qi stared suspiciously at Pan Yue.

Spirit attendants spent their days in the Radiant Moon Palace and rarely left unless they were tasked to do so.

When they were on a task, they mostly interacted with top experts and the heads of powerful factions.

Those people were definitely advanced in age. Moreover, even if they were attracted to Pan Yue after discovering that she was a spirit attendant, they would never dare to make a move on her.

What Pan Yue said over the phone was indeed peculiar.

Her saying ‘we’ll eventually be together’ was too obvious!

Although the Radiant Moon Palace spirit attendants were not forbidden from dating, very few of them were willing to do so. They knew that being in a relationship would cost them their role as a spirit attendant, and they would be demoted to a mere servant.

Additionally, Pan Yue had placed first in every category of the spirit attendant exam. If she lost her role as a spirit attendant and was demoted to a servant for the sake of a relationship, she would have tossed all her hard work down the drain.

Pan Yue rolled her eyes at Jin Qi’s words and said sarcastically, “A partner? I have a boyfriend? My boyfriend is perfect. He’s mature, serious, not clingy, and non-existent.”

Pan Yue felt that this woman was really lame, but she knew what kind of person Jin Qi was.

If Jin Qi had misunderstood, all the other spirit attendants would come to share the same misunderstanding by the next morning.

Pan Yue did not want to bring trouble upon herself, so she decided it was best to clarify the situation with Jin Qi.

“I w

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