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Yuan Shi could only hope that the Outerverse was not overly desirable to the Sixth Mainland and that their stronger powerhouses would not be motivated to make any moves.

The end of the battle also signified the start of tallying up the defenders’ military contributions.

Endless Weave’s border had its own system, but it was also connected to Ironblood Weave’s system.

When the Outerverse had first been separated from the Innerverse, certain regions of the Outerverse had also been isolated from the rest of the Outerverse, which hindered data transmission lines. One of the outcomes was that Ironblood Weave’s military contribution system had been severed from Endless Weave’s system, and the two still had not been reconnected.

The current system of Endless Weave was entirely independent.

The one with the most military contributions was naturally Yuan Shi, followed by the Envoy realm powerhouses like the Arrow Mountain Elder. Unfortunately, the Arrow Mountain Elder and the Dark Phoenix family’s Yen Phoenix had both died. Thus, their contributions had been shifted to their descendants, which were the Neo-Vestige Sect and the Dark Phoenix family. These descendants had received the contribution points in place of their fallen elders, and they could use the points to receive rewards from the Hall of Honor.

Too many experts had died during the defense of this invasion attempt, and aside from the dead, Yuehua Mavis was actually ranked second, only behind Yuan Shi in terms of military contributions. She had withstood the enemy’s Imprinters from the start of the invasion, defended the Ironblood Lavazone, and then even taken the initiative to defend against Ancestor Autumnfrost’s attack, which should have led to her certain death. Aside from the Arrow Mountain Elder and Yen Phoenix, nobody else could compete with Yuehua Mavi’s achievements.

After Yuehua Mavis came Astral-9's headmaster. Although he had only joined the fight at the end, he had used Astral-9 to defend against Ancestor Autumnfrost’s finger and saved the entire Endless Lavazone. His contributions from that lone action already surpassed the great majority of others at the border.

After Astral-9's Headmaster was Elder Daggs, who was the overall commander of the border warfront. Although he had not done much during the battles, he had commanded the defenders well. That, combined with his many years of accumulated accomplishments at the border, was enough to propel him to fourth in the border’s contribution point rankings.

After Elder Daggs came Commander Zhang, who was the Commander of the Ironblood Lavazone. His personal strength could not compare to that of Yu Mu and the like, but his many years of defending the border allowed him to be ranked fifth.

In fact, many cultivators who had been protecting the border warfront for a while had accumulated numerous military contributions due to their efforts. Of course, that was assuming that they had survived through

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