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Since they couldn’t figure out any clues after looking at it for a while, Chen Shi said, "Let’s go and do an experiment!"

The two went to buy a white dress similar to the one in the video and went to a quiet park. Chen Shi sat on the monkey bars and got Lin Dongxue to walk by underneath it while wearing the dress. He recorded her with his phone.

"Wait, don't just walk over. The person in the video did a door-opening action." Chen Shi reminded her.

Lin Dongxue did as she was told, and they recorded the sequence three times. Then Lin Dongxue climbed up and sat next to Chen Shi to see the effects of the recordings. "Hmm, only seeing the top of the head while wearing such a beautiful dress, what a pity."

"Our purpose wasn’t to make things look good." Chen Shi laughed. "Come and compare... Your chest is really bigger and perkier."

"Get lost! Also, I think I have a bigger stride. The suspect should be shorter than me?"

"Really? But Shi Wanjun's height is similar to yours... Why do I feel like the person in the video has a heavy gait and doesn't seem like a young person? And... The chest seems to be sagging a little."

Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi with a disgusted face. Chen Shi said, "I'm not kidding!"

"You want to say that the suspect may not be Miss Shi. Who would it be... Wait, her mother went to look for Song Yuwen alone two days before the incident. It’s reasonable to say that relatives around the parents’ generation are unlikely to visit late at night, unless… Ah, I understand now. Ms. Song was going to kill him that day, but she happened to bump into the brother of the victim , so she changed her mind. She carefully investigated the inside of the housing district and found a more secure route to avoid the surveillance monitors. Then on the evening of the 25th, she changed her clothes, put on a wig, and committed the murder."

After listening to Lin Dongxue's reasoning, Chen Shi seemed surprisingly calm. He said, "I’ve actually considered this possibility, but I can't think of a motive. As an elder, there’s no reason to kill the nephew."

"In terms of root causes, the only weakness of the second aunt is her daughter and her family."

Chen Shi nodded with pride. "You’ve learned a lot now. Yes, the key problem is still with Miss Shi. If we can find her, maybe these questions will be solved... Come, let's take a few more photos and see if we can figure out any other clues."

In the evening, Chen Shi received a call from Xu Xiaodong, saying that he saw a young woman go into Ms. Song's house. Chen Shi thought that the girl was probably Shi Wanjun. He asked Xu Xiaodong to watch closely and said that he’d arrive immediately.

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue arrived quickly and met up with Xu Xiaodong. Xu Xiaodong complained, "I’ve been watching them all by myself, so I didn’t even dare to go to the toilet. I’m too nervous."

"Okay, you go to the toilet and have a meal as well. Leave this to us... Is she stil

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