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Chapter 462: The Secret of Invisibility

Back at the bureau, Xu Xiaodong was leaning back in his seat and putting eyedrops in his eyes. When the two came back, he said, "Have you caught the murderer?"

"Do you think it'd be so fast?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"If you’ve caught her, I wouldn’t have to watch this anymore… I’m nearly blind from watching all day.”

Chen Shi asked, "Are you watching at the normal speed?"

"Yeah, didn't you tell me to watch carefully?"

"Aren’t you being too earnest? 2x speed would have been fine!"

"Damn you, why didn’t you tell me earlier?! My eyes are so uncomfortable. I’m going to go to the window and stand there for a while.”

Chen Shi sat down and asked, "Who entered the duty room?"

"No one. Only the security guard."

"You’re sure?"

"I’m certain. Didn’t you say the murderer entered the duty room and deleted the footage? I stared at the footage all day, and no outsider entered the duty room at all!"

"Then who do you think deleted it?"

"Uh... I heard that there’s an optical camouflage method that can make people invisible..." Xu Xiaodong’s imagination started to soar again.

Chen Shi smiled and shook his head. "Let me ask a more reliable person. What do you think, Dongxue?"

Lin Dongxue said, "If only the security guard entered the duty room, then the impossible is ruled out. What’s left is... But that’s also impossible. Why did the security guard delete the footage himself? It happened at the decisive moment of the case as well."

"The neighborhood is normally always quiet. No one would watch the footage at all. The security guards go to work, day after day, and basically face the computer all day. Suddenly, there was a murder one day and he actually reformatted the hard drive. What could be the reason?"

"Is there something that had to be kept secret on the computer?" Lin Dongxue said.

Xu Xiaodong exclaimed. "I understand now! The security guard has been downloading too much porn. He was afraid that the police would find out and that he would be fired by the boss, so he reformatted the hard drive."

Chen Shi thought for a while. "Although your way of thinking is perverted, you’ve gotten a point right. The security guard's worst fear is not that the case never gets solved but getting fired. So he doesn’t care about the case as long as the things in the hard drive aren’t seen by anyone!”

Chen Shi opened the folder. "Hey, why is there only one video in this USB drive? Is there nothing else?"

"When the information department gave it to me, there was only this video."

"Quickly stop one or two of them and get them to restore the entire hard drive. I want to see all its contents."

The three of them ruthlessly stopped a younger guy who was about to get off work again[1]. They baited him by saying that they’d treat him to a meal and forced him to work overtime. When Peng Sijue passed by outside, Chen Shi stopped him. "Old Peng, is the autopsy for th

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