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Chapter 470: Unveiling the Truth

The two families were called downstairs, and the police lying in ambush nearby also gathered slowly. Ms. Song and Mr. Shi seemed a little nervous, but still asked calmly, "Why have you called us to come down? What is it that we can’t talk about while inside the house?”

Chen Shi looked around at everyone. "What I want to talk about today is the truth about the death of Song Yuwen. It will take up some of your time, but no one has any objections, do you?"

Song Yuwen’s mother took out her handkerchief and began to wipe her tears away. Her husband patted her arm to calm her down. On the other side, Ms. Song furrowed her brows before relaxing them again. A trace of contempt flashed in her eyes. She didn’t seem to think that Chen Shi would be able to come up with the truth.

"We need to start from 12 years ago, when Song Yuwen was 18 years old. He and his cousin Shi Wanjun drank some alcohol in a holiday villa and the two spent the night alone. They may have had sex with each other-"

"What?!" Song Yuwen's father exclaimed in surprise. He looked at Song Yuqiang. "Weren’t you there back then as well?"

Song Yuqiang admitted with embarrassment, "Our other cousin and I went out to play online games all night."

"Then... This..." The father obviously couldn't believe it, but Ms. Song and Mr. Shi were silent. Ms. Song kept clenching her fists tightly. From this reaction, it was clear that they both knew about it.

Chen Shi continued, "It has been 12 years since the incident, so it’s impossible to know whether Song Yuwen forced her at that time, or if it was consensual. But in any case, Shi Wanjun was a minor and his behavior broke the law. After returning, Shi Wanjun was very anxious because she was afraid of bearing sexual consequences. Perhaps she did have some symptoms, or perhaps everything was just psychological. These can no longer be known. I can only tell you the result. She committed suicide!"

"This... This is impossible!" Song Yuwen's father shouted. "We don't know about this at all."

His wife clenched his arm tightly and looked shocked.

At this moment, Ms. Song and Mr. Shi seemed overly calm, and just looked down at their shoes. Lin Dongxue noticed that Ms. Song's eyes were already damp and that she was deliberately trying to cover up her tears.

Chen Shi went on to say, "However, Shi Wanjun's death was not publicly disclosed. Her parents secretly cremated her. Perhaps the husband and wife experienced countless quarrels, bouts of crying, and fits of resentment, but in the end, they decided not to tell anyone. Because this incident would hurt the harmony of the two families. Song Yuwen’s family had been providing financial assistance to their family for a long time and the relationship was unequal. Perhaps there were just some casual lies said at family gatherings at the beginning, such as ‘Why didn’t Shi Wanjun come?', 'She's at school.' and so on. Gradually, the small li

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