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Chapter 460: A Piece of Poisonous Cake

It was troublesome for the police officers to verify the people in the footage. They could only query everyone they came across within the housing district. Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue’s job wasn’t interesting either. They examined the grass carefully along the fence and stopped from time to time to bend the fence with their hands to see whether any part could be easily broken.

The most time-consuming part of the investigation were all the different kinds of interference. Seeing the police walking around in the housing district, the residents asked them numerous questions. They couldn’t make any progress. At noon, Chen Shi sent out a message. “Let’s stop for now. Let’s go to the small restaurant outside the housing district to have a meal!"

The weather was really hot. The police were drinking cold drinks to relieve themselves from heatstroke. Lin Dongxue fanned herself with a fan. "I don't need to worry about gaining weight these days. I’ve lost a few pounds just from sweating."

"That’s a good thing!" Chen Shi said.

"Good my ass. My hands have gotten tanned[1]."

Old Zhang said, "I found the dog-walking uncle who appeared in the footage. He’s a resident of the housing district and doesn’t seem suspicious."

Another policeman said, "The aunt in the green blouse was also found, and she’s not suspicious either."

"There was also a food delivery person. I found him and confirmed that there was no reason for suspicion."

Chen Shi consulted his notebook. "It's progressing well. There’s only one person left. The man in black."

Lin Dongxue said, "I think that ‘he’ is more likely to be the murderer."

Old Zhang said, "Cross-dressing props could have been inside of the box. After killing the guy, the box was thrown away and he came out empty-handed."

"Old Zhang, do you know what your words mean?"

Old Zhang froze for a moment. After all, he had a lot of work experience. He immediately smiled. "It means that we have to go through the trash in the afternoon!"

Everyone bewailed the chore. Chen Shi said, "There’s no need to check the trash. The garbage gets collected every morning in that neighborhood. The garbage on the day of the incident may be long gone, but I noticed that there are scavengers nearby. If there really was a full set of women's clothing in the box, as well as a leather bag and high heels. The scavengers would most likely have picked them up. Let’s go over and try our luck!"

After eating, everyone went to wait at the garbage dumps around the neighborhood. When they saw old people picking up bottles, they asked if they had noticed a big box. The other parties said no. Chen Shi asked Xu Xiaodong to send a screenshot of the video and he studied it on his phone. "Look, it's a white square box. It's quite big. What could it be holding?"

"Wedding dress?" Lin Dongxue blurted out.

"If I was the murderer and was going to cross-dress as a woman to commit

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