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Chapter 468: The Gun is Found

Early in the morning, Chen Shi brought a bulging plastic bag to the forensic department. Everyone was very happy and asked, "Wow, is Brother Chen treating us to breakfast again?"

"Excuse me..." Chen Shi opened the bag, which turned out to be a bag of household garbage. "Help me do some tests! I’ll treat you guys to a meal later on."

Everyone was speechless for a while. Peng Sijue furrowed his brows. "You didn’t go through any procedures, picked up a bag of rubbish and want us to run some tests? Do you think this is your home?"

Chen Shi clasped his palms together and smiled. "Old Peng, please help me!"

Looking at his dark eye-circles, Peng Sijue knew that he might have stayed up all night again. He sighed helplessly and instructed his subordinates to screen the garbage and run the appropriate tests.

Chen Shi looked at them from the side. An unusual thing had actually appeared in the trash. It was a New Year decoration and it was still new. He took out this decoration thoughtfully and gave it to Peng Sijue, "Old Peng, check this. "

"It’s difficult to extract fingerprints from this kind of material."

"It's difficult, but it's not impossible."

"I find that you, like many police officers, feel that the forensics department has an omnipotent button. As long as you press it, there will be results immediately or something. You never consider the process and the hard work we have to do."

"Don't complain. I’ll treat you to some food. What do you want to eat?"

Peng Sijue sighed helplessly and took the decoration from him. "Nothing too greasy."

"Roger that!"

Chen Shi went out and bought a large bag of breakfast food. Some results had already come out. Two sets of fingerprints were extracted from some smooth objects. One of them matched the fingerprints left on the teacup[1]at the scene of the murder.

The fingerprint was most probably left by Ms. Song. Her suspiciousness rose a little, but the fingerprints on the teacup[2]were not decisive evidence.

It would take a while before the appraisal results came out. Chen Shi went to look for Lin Dongxue first. Lin Dongxue looked at Chen Shi who had a haggard expression and said, "Did you stay up all night again?"

"This is normal for me. Anyway, I'm still young and can withstand the suffering." Chen Shi smiled indifferently.

"I can’t believe you. I don't want to be widowed in the future!"

"Okay, I promise you that this will be the only time. I'll go to bed after we’re finished in the morning."

Everyone arrived one after another and reported their findings. First was Ms. Song’s family’s financial expenditure. Around April and May last year, their family spent a large amount of their savings. The recipient was a cancer hospital. The expenditure amounted to about 400,000 yuan. It was verified by the hospital that it was used to pay for an operation fee, but Mr. Shi's follow-up treatments cost over a hundred thousa

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