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Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went back first and handed the evidence they obtained to Peng Sijue. Peng Sijue held it in his hands to examine it for a moment. "This is not human tissue. To be precise, it’s the excrement left after insects had eaten it.”

"Can you detect the DNA from it?"

"That's a bit difficult. I'll go back to the site to get another sample."

"Ah, you don't know the situation. There are people living there. They’re a family of three. If you aren’t worried about the trouble, you can go. I won’t bother with this anymore.”

At that time, the Traffic Management Bureau called over and said that the unit that the license plate number was registered to was a health club. After hearing the name and address, Chen Shi understood. He said to Lin Dongxue, "You don't need to go anymore. It's a prostitution place. Let me go in for a secret visit."

"Huh? A secret visit?"

"Don't look at me with that kind of look. Do you think I’d go and actually make a purchase? That time when I was caught, it was actually Wang Daji who went there. Do you still not believe me?”

"I didn't say anything. Why did you suddenly start to justify for yourself? Is it your guilty conscience?"

"I surrender! I surrender!" Chen Shi smiled. "You rest here. I’ll come back soon."

"Everyone’s so busy here. How can I be so thick-skinned as to rest here alone? I’ll go with you!"

Chen Shi had no choice but to agree. Lin Dongxue asked while on the road, "How do you know it’s that kind of place as soon as you hear the name?"

"Don't forget that I’m a driver. I’m more familiar with Long’an than you guys. When the night is quiet, there are often male passengers who go to such places. Wouldn’t I be able to guess just from that?"

"So it turned out to be like that! Do you want to contact the local police to come over and sweep the yellow?"

Chen Shi waved his hand. "Don't cause a commotion as soon as we go. We need to first uncover the corner and see what’s happening inside first. It’s not too late to sweep the yellow after the investigation.”

Lin Dongxue thought out loud, "Is the missing person a prostitute? When I heard Captain Peng say that the deceased had syphilis in the morning, I was thinking whether she would be in that kind of occupation. It reminded me of a case."

"Even if you don’t tell me, I know. The 714 case."


The 714 case was relatively well-known in the city and even the whole country. This happened a few years ago. A criminal gang specifically kidnapped sex workers and forced the sex workers to tell them their bank card passwords by using torture methods. They took away all their assets, killed them cruelly, dismembered them, and threw the body parts away.

The gang committed crimes everywhere. There were six sex workers killed in total. They targeted women who weren’t from the city. Even if they disappeared, people who knew them wouldn’t report the crime. Plus, they generally had some savings no

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