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After listening to these words, Chen Shi was also a little surprised. However at this moment, Shen’s IQ had plummeted as if sperm had gone up to his brain. If he wanted to lie, he wouldn’t lie in such an unskilled manner. Furthermore, his expression wasn’t that of someone who was lying.

Chen Shi said, "Okay, I believe you... When I asked you that question yesterday, what did you mean by nodding your head and then shaking your head after that? Is there anything else you’re hiding from me?"

Shen's expression was one of embarrassment and he was hesitant to speak. Chen Shi said, "The things I promised will definitely be done, but you have to tell me the truth first."

"Brother, I’m not familiar with you. How do I know if you’ll do it or not?!"

Listening to his tone, Shen was likely to know the clues regarding this case. Chen Shi stood firm. "If you don’t talk, I won't let you enter this door."

Shen looked at Zhou, who was sitting in the room, before stomping his feet in anxiety. He sighed and shook his head. After weighing the pros and cons for a long time in his heart, he said, "Okay, okay, okay. l admit defeat. I didn’t expect you to be so tough. I’ll believe you once... Although I didn’t have any associates back then, there was someone in the prison who was particularly interested in my past. I talked to him a lot. In your words, I taught him criminal skills and recognized him as an apprentice!"

"So it was like that. I knew you were hiding something. What's that person's name?"

Shen hesitated. He knew that this was the last card in his hand and there was no other bartering chip to play after he told him. However, Chen Shi’s eyes were firm. He could only confess. "Zhang Xiao. He’s a fraudster. We met at the detention cell at the station. After I went to prison, we didn’t contact each other again.”

Chen Shi's expression loosened as he pushed the door behind him. "You should reunite with your partner. You only get two hours!"

Shen was overjoyed and said a lot of words of gratitude. Lin Dongxue also retreated. The "reunion" process was monitored by a video camera in its entirety. After all, the prison side was also afraid of something happening and had to take preventative measures even if the possibility was low.

Chen Shi called the bureau and checked the scammer named Zhang Xiao. He went to court last year, but because he revealed several of his associates, he was only sentenced to half a year.

Zhang Xiao in the photo was very similar to the suspect's sketch. The big stone weighing down on Chen Shi’s heart was lifted.

Lin Dongxue said, "This man used to be a scammer, but now he’s actually engaged in murder-for-wealth activities. The transformation is far too great."

Chen Shi said, "His rap sheet is terrible in all areas. Before, in order to reduce his sentence, he exposed his companions. He certainly can’t go back to scamming. These people can do anything for money. I’m actually not surprised.”

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