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Chapter 471: The Murderer's Confession

Song Yuwen's mother stared atMs.Song. "It was you who killed my son! Return my son to me! Return my son to me!" She pounced at Ms. Song as though she wanted to take the other party’s life.

Chen Shi rushed to step in between the two families. Ms. Song howled, "You’re asking me to return your son, but who will return my daughter to me?! Your son's death is to pay for her life. One strand of hair for one strand of hair. A drop of blood for a drop of blood. I took his life to avenge my daughter. I have no regrets over killing him!"

Song Yuwen's mother cried even more fiercely. The others were also affected by this and wiped away their own tears.

Except for Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue who were not involved in the situation, both families were crying. Chen Shi had long expected Ms. Song's confession. After all, she had been under pressure for an extremely long time. She had been lying to everyone all those years, and her confession was a relief for her.

Ms. Song took the facial tissue that Lin Dongxue offered, wiped her tears, and said to Song Yuwen’s parents, "Do you know what your son did to my daughter twelve years ago? She was only 13 years old! We were too busy and didn’t notice anything wrong with Wanjun. Until one day when I got home, and I saw her lying in the bathroom with her right hand soaking in a basin. The whole basin had been stained red and her face was already as white as paper...”

"Wanjun had left us a suicide note, telling us what had happened. She didn't know what to say to us, and how to face our relatives in the future. She could only... She could only escape through death!" Ms. Song's eyes were damp with tears again. "That night, we both cried for a long time while looking at our daughter. We blamed each other, quarreled, and discussed what to do. Her dad said that he would sue them, but how could we? Wanjun had committed suicide. If we wanted to sue Song Yuwen for rape, would the court believe us with only a suicide note as proof? Once this kind of thing is publicized, only the girl’s reputation would be damaged. There would be no loss to all of you... Not to mention that after the court case, how would we get along with one another in the future!”

"And of all people, it was your family who killed my daughter. At that time, you had given us a lot of financial support. The money that we used to buy a house was borrowed from you. You didn’t ask us to pay interest and even now we haven’t repaid all the money. When my mother fell ill and we didn’t have money for the surgery, we went to look for you. When Wanjun didn’t have money to continue with her education, it was also your family that helped us. You gave us all the clothes, shoes, and food that you didn't need... Your family was too good to us. Too good. I will never be able to repay these favors! On the day that Wanjun committed suicide, Sister-in-Law called me over saying that she had bought too many ling nuts[1]

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