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An officer responded, "The deceased's girlfriend, Du Juan, works in a club. She is a DJ. She studied at an art college in this city a few years ago, but later dropped out to work in the club. She’s only twenty years old this year."

Lin Dongxue said, "Isn’t the age gap between the two of them too huge?"

"Some girls like uncles!" Chen Shi said and was pinched below by Lin Dongxue. He continued, "Call her over for questioning. The girlfriend probably knows more about the victim than the average person."

"Do we also need to question his friends and colleagues?" Old Zhang looked at the list of interpersonal relationships in his hand.

Chen Shi said, "This case is an extension of the gun mailing case. The person who sent the guns was aiming at people with grievances. In addition, the murderer was a woman. I believe that the motive was resentment that had accumulated over a long period. We don’t need to ask those acquaintances since it’ll be a waste of time, but we can visit those who have a close relationship with him. The point is to investigate what secrets the deceased had in the past and who he had hurt. By the way, he died on his birthday. Could it be related to his birthday?"

Old Zhang said, "By the way, communication records show that the deceased had a call lasting half an hour with a certain number the day before his death. The number was found to be Australian, so we can't find out anything from our end."

"Just call them directly and ask. What time is it in Australia right now?" Chen Shi said.

Everyone checked the time zone and said, "It's 11:00 in the morning."

"Call them!"

After dialing the number, everyone waited quietly. Then a clear girl's voice came from the phone, "Hello? Who are you looking for?"

"Hello, we’re from Long’an City Public Security Bureau. Do you know Song Yuwen?"

"I do, what's wrong?"

"Can we ask what is your relationship with him?"

"I’m his younger cousin."

Chen Shi remembered that the deceased's parents mentioned that there was a cousin who was studying abroad. He asked, "Are you called Wanjun?"

"Yes, my name is Shi Wanjun."

"The situation is like this… It may be a bit of a shock for you..."

After explaining about the death of the deceased, the other party said “ah” and was silent for a long time before saying, “Cousin Yuwen was killed? Has the murderer been arrested yet?”

"We are investigating it right now. We saw that you two had talked to each other, so we called to ask... Yes, I remember that you’re supposed to return to China soon. Are you currently in China or abroad?"

"I originally intended to return to China, but some things at school delayed me, so I’ve already told my family that I plan to come back for Chinese New Year."

"What did you discuss with Song Yuwen on July 25th?"

"We just had a casual conversation. I originally said that I was going to come back to China. His birthday was coming soon and cousin Yuqiang was also at h

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