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Chapter 464: The Deceased’s Secret

The next morning, Old Zhang invited the deceased’s girlfriend, Du Juan, to the bureau. This was a girl dressed in a very cool fashion. She was wearing a leather jacket covered with metal ornaments and had heavy, smoky makeup on. She crossed one of her legs over the other[1]and sat in a careless manner in the interrogation room while lighting a cigarette up for herself. She said, "If you have any questions, then hurry up and ask them. I just got off work and still need to go home and sleep."

Lin Dongxue and Chen Shi were in charge of the interrogation. Lin Dongxue said, "Young lady, your boyfriend is dead, but you don't seem to be very sad!"

Du Juan said indifferently, "Whether I’m sad or not, it’s a personal matter. Do I have to cry here so that you think I'm innocent?"

"We don't have this requirement... I heard that you used to be the girlfriend of Song Yuqiang, the younger brother of the deceased?"

"Awesome, you even found that out! I did have a relationship with Song Yuqiang for a while. He was a boy with character and a very sunny disposition. Once, I had a toothache and he recommended his brother’s clinic to me. As the saying goes, there’s no harm without comparison. After seeing the more mature and charismatic Song Yuwen, I was infatuated with him. In contrast, Song Yuqiang was just like a child who hadn’t grown up... The two of us started dating without any complications. We quickly confirmed the relationship. Love itself is full of uncertainty. I really like this kind of uncertainty. Isn’t the freedom to loveused to letpeople find a more suitable partner before getting married? I think the obligation of marriage imposed on love is crazy.”

"Song Yuqiang said that his brother stole you away."

"Haha!" Du Juan laughed. "He definitely would have said that. Men have to haveface. He can't very well say that I left him because he’s childish and ignorant, right?"

"It's not just a problem of how things are phrased andface. It's because he thinks so, so he formed a grudge against his brother. A few days ago, the brothers fought with each other. We want to confirm with you whether this was the case?"

"Yes... Song Yuwen told me that he felt sorry for his brother, so he didn't fight back at all. I comforted him and said that he wasn’t wrong. Nobody is right or wrong when love is involved... You don’t think that the murderer was his brother right?"

"No, we just wanted to confirm this detail."

"Is there anything else you want to ask?" Du Juan yawned. "I really have to go home to sleep. I still have to go to the club to work at night."

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue whispered a few words and Lin Dongxue asked, "How was your recent relationship with the deceased?"

"It was good... I know how you police think. Whenever something happens to someone, the first person you guys suspect is always the spouse or lover. But I’m different. I’m not that kind of patient woman. If we have

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