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At noon, the people who had dinner together last night were called back to the farmhouse restaurant. On the table were teapots and melon seeds. The group of people nibbled the melon seeds and smoked cigarettes as they chatted away. The atmosphere was a bit like that of a tea party.

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue walked in, and Xu Xiaodong briefly explained the situation. Chen Shi nodded and sat down. "I heard that there was some unpleasantness between all of you and the two deceased men last night. Did something like that happen?"

"There was nothing too unpleasant. We were just kidding.", "After we finished filming, everyone was very happy, and we casually talked about the topic of Sino-Japanese relations.", "Those two Japanese people flung dishes and broke bowls. We were originally joyous and harmonious, but they ruined the atmosphere.”

"Okay, okay, okay. Speak one by one. You go first. Others aren’t allowed to interrupt!" Chen Shi pointed to a man on the left.

After a round of questions, everyone had a different story and it was very confusing. Old Wang said, "Officer, we were inebriated at the time and asked the two Japanese to kneel down and apologize to us Chinese. That’s fine right? After all, they had committed wrongdoings first..."

"They had committed wrongdoings first?" Chen Shi looked surprised.

"How many Chinese people have been harmed by the Japanese invasion of China?"

"That’s right. I reckon that these two Japanese devils didn’t die unjustly. They owed it to millions of Chinese lives!"

"If this had happened before the liberation, it’s likely that the Japanese devils would already be waging war with us. Now, they don’t dare to because we’re rich and powerful.”

"Yes, we’re rich and powerful now and we’re no longer afraid of getting bullied!"

The more they talked, the more passions ran high. Chen Shi smacked the table. "Are you guys not sober? Today is September 18th. Two Japanese people died in China. The person who committed such a violent crime was most likely a Chinese person. Yet you guys are still proud of it?”

The pride on everyone's face gradually dissipated and Chen Shi looked around. "If the murderer is among you, no matter how he uses patriotic feelings as an excuse, this was still murder. Don't act too cocky. Please cooperate with the investigation properly."

Old Wang said, "Impossible, how could there be a murderer among us?! I think it must be that someone had taken revenge because the Little Japan toyed with Chinese women."

"What do you mean by toying with Chinese women?"

"It's Fujiwara. He was a player. We often see him going to that kind of place. I heard that he even has a girlfriend here. He can’t even speak Chinese properly. I don't know how he had managed to deceive her."

"It's so hateful. This kind of woman only worships foreigners. Do the Japanese have diamonds inlaid down there?" Someone echoed.

"Stop talking. Old Wang, you elaborate on the situation.”

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