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Lin Dongxue stepped forward and reached out to touch the man. She found that the man's skin was as cold as ice. His trousers were bulging, and ginger-colored excretion dripped down from the trousers onto the ground, and the skin that the rope had bitten into was dark purple. His two eyes bulged out, as if they would fall out at any moment. His face was flushed and swollen. The skin elsewhere was completely different. At first glance, it was as though he was wearing an eggplant-colored mask.

Chen Shi went over. "He’s been dead for at least a day. Protect the scene and call Old Peng!"

Peng Sijue rushed to the scene with his people and began to survey the scene according to the standard procedure. He turned his head and found that Chen Shi was sitting on the sofa and drinking a bottle of soda. He scolded, "You’re drinking things at the murder scene again?"

"The scope of what you control is so large. Do you need this to be tested? I’ll keep the bottle for you if you need to test it!" Chen Shi shook the soda bottle in his hand.

Peng Sijue took a camera and photographed Chen Shi’s cocky expression while he was sitting with his legs crossed. Chen Shi said carelessly, "What? You want to report me? I don’t care!”

Lin Dongxue was so annoyed that she laughed. "Captain Peng, he’s teasing you. This bottle of soda was bought outside. It wasn’t taken from here."

Peng Jue glanced at Chen Shi angrily and continued to work.

Lin Dongxue had long noticed that the left ring finger and pinky finger of the corpse were gone. The injuries should have been old ones. When the forensic police carefully lay the corpse down, the scene was quite exciting. The excrement in the corpse's pants was scattered all over the place. They had to pick up the feces for sampling. Chen Shi felt sick from watching and wanted to leave quickly.

"Captain, what’s this?"

"It's a tattoo. Old Chen, come and take a look."

Chen Shi popped his head back in from the door and walked back. The tattoo was a little special. A stripe was tattooed on the forehead of the deceased. The pattern was very abstract. Everyone studied it for a long time. Chen Shi said, "Isn’t this male genitalia? Aren’t the words I used very refined?"

Peng Sijue glared at him. "No ivory comes from the mouth of a dog."

The tattoo was indeed that of male genitalia. Based on the color, it had been tattooed a long time ago. The deceased might have found it embarrassing and deliberately kept his hair long in front to cover it.

All kinds of signs showed that this victim definitely had enemies.

Peng Sijue examined all parts of the deceased. "The cornea is quite cloudy, the pupils are visible, there are small folds on the surface, the rigor mortis has partially dissipated, and the livor mortis is starting to stabilize. The time of death should be about 24 hours ago."

Chen Shi added, "Don't forget that the victim had been hung up. The rope was tightly tied around the neck, so the

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