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Lu Baoqiang scratched his head, "The two of them came to China to act as evil officers here. They weren’t liked here, nor were they respected in their own country. Tamura's friend once grabbed his collar and shouted at him, ‘Nandai konna mono iikai shinji masuka?!’"

After all, he was an actor. He acted very convincingly and amused the police officers present. Chen Shi asked, "What does that mean?"

"It means, ‘Young fellow, why do you want to act in this kind of thing?!’"

"Lu Baoqiang, your Japanese isn’t bad. I asked you what Fujiwara had said yesterday. Why didn't you tell me then?"

"Actually, I don't understand Japanese at all. This is what Old Wang had told me."

"Old Wang? Call him over!"

After a while, Old Wang came. When he saw all the police in the room, his expression was a little flustered, but it was only for a moment. He immediately recovered his smile, "You’re looking for me?"

"I heard that your Japanese isn’t bad."

Old Wang waved his hands. "It's not good at all. I only know a few sentences. I learned them while filming.”

Chen Shi said to Lu Baoqiang. "Repeat the sentence from just now."

Lu Baoqiang said it again. "It took me so long to learn this sentence and I was taught by Old Wang. Bird language is really difficult to learn.”

Old Wang was slightly startled. He seemed to have understood who had “sold him out”. Chen Shi said, “I don’t believe that you can say such a complete sentence without any Japanese foundation. It seems that your Japanese isn’t too bad?”

"Ahem, I know a little bit. I learned it while chatting with Japanese actors. I had learned this sentence from Tamura. I just learned the pronunciation."

"What did Fujiwara say that day?"

"He said..." Old Wang recalled. "Tamura's family is in a difficult position, and his wife is sick."

Lu Baoqiang said, "Old Wang, I remember Fujiwara saying a lot that day!"

"You don't know this, but the Japanese are very verbose in their manner of speech. They can speak for half a day just saying one thing. Furthermore, my Japanese isn’t very good and I can only understand the gist of it.”

"Why didn't you say this yesterday? You only said this after an accident happened today!"

"What accident?" Old Wang suddenly seemed very nervous. At this time, Chen Shi deliberately talked about a flaw.

"It has nothing to do with the case. Answer my question."

Old Wang licked his lips. "Officer, you’ve seen how it is. We all despise the Japanese. If I said that I could understand Japanese, they’d laugh at me. I’ve been working as a featured extra for ten years. I can be regarded as the most senior among all the extras, so I have to pay attention to my image.”

"That’s a good reason!" Chen Shi nodded.

"It isn’t an excuse. It’s a fact."

Chen Shi looked around. "You two live here?"

"Yes, I share the rent with Baoqiang."

There was a bunk bed in the room with an iron frame. Chen Shi asked him who slept on the top

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