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Volume 35: Dead Japanese

The film and television studio on the outskirts of Long'an was originally a small town. It had been converted into a film and television shooting base ten years ago, and it had already developed to a sizable scale by now.

On the evening of September 17th, several featured extras were celebrating the end of the filming of the new drama in a farmhouse restaurant. There were dozens of dishes on the table and the food was cheap, albeit not of great quality. Everyone was drinking and discussing the funny things that had happened during the filming process as well as gossipping.

"I heard that the second female lead had been signed to do the next drama by the director."

"Really? Her acting seems average. Did she get the part using the unwritten route?"

"You’d know, even if you didn’t think too deeply about it! I think that this woman would definitely be a star within three years with her speed of climbing into beds.”

"Haha, you want to sleep with the director too? Do you fulfil the requirements?"

After lots of drinking, the topic of conversation gradually revealed a sour taste. The featured extras were just a step above ordinary extras. Their income was comparable to that of the average office worker and their schedule was flexible. However, when they thought of the people making over a million yuan in the same industry and enjoying fame, their hearts would always be unbalanced.

When everyone had arrived here carrying their luggage, they had all dreamed of becoming Wang Baoqiang. However, after being grinded down over and over again by reality, being content with whatever they got had become a motto for most people.

"Sorry, we’re late!"

The two men walked in, speaking poor Chinese. They bowed to the people present.

The atmosphere suddenly became a bit uneasy, and some people whispered, "Why were these two things called over?" "Who invited them? What bad taste!" "Tell the Japanese to get lost."

The two Japanese actors, Tamura Shinji and Fujiwara Akinori, didn’t notice the subtle changes in the atmosphere. They greeted their colleagues with smiles and sat down. Tamura Shinji poured himself a drink. "In accordance with Chinese customs, I will first punish myself with a glass."

“Wait, change it to a big glass!" said Old Wang, the oldest featured extra. Someone immediately gave the Japanese man a big glass of Erguotou, and there was a burst of laughter as they prepared to see a foreigner make a fool of himself.

Tamura Shinji hesitated for a short while as he stared at the full glass brimming with liquor. After drinking half the glass, it was so fiery that he frowned. He quickly handed the remaining half to Fujiwara Akinori who rejected it with a smile, "Chotto matte yo.[ref]ちょっとまってよ is an informal version of “chotto matte kudasai”, which means “Wait a little” or kind of like how people say “Hold up one sec.”[/ref] Sake ni yowai."

"Fujiwara-san, kore wa chuugoku kisoku!"

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