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Chen Shi turned on Ah Zhen’s computer, and it automatically logged in to QQ. A lot of messages had appeared over the past few days after her death. First, Ah Qiang’s message said, "Death may not be the worst thing. Let those of us who are alive bear the burden you have left behind. I’m not the person of your ideals. I can only apologize for this. I hope that in your next life, you can find your ideal man."

Then it was Liu Qin’s message, “I’m a bastard. I should have noticed it that day. I blame myself for drinking. Sorry, sorry, sorry... Ten thousand sorrys! I wish for you to find true happiness in another world.”

There were some other friends and classmates leaving messages. It seemed that the news had spread quickly.

One person's message attracted Chen Shi's attention. The person's online name was "Silent Bamboo". He said, "Who killed you? Can you tell your brother through a dream? I must make them pay a painful price!"

Liu Qin said, "This is her brother, Ai Guowei."

"Is this man in Long'an?"

"He resides outside the city."

"Dongxue, write it down and investigate this person later."

Ah Zhen's signature had indeed been modified, because the signature had been synchronized, and one could see that the modification time was around 9:00 last night. Chen Shi said, "Ask a colleague from the information department to come over to check the last login location."

There were many things written in Ah Zhen's diary, but they were written in an overly delicate and reserved way. They couldn’t understand the situation based on the text alone. It seemed that the girl had been immersed in depression and troubles every day. Chen Shi thought that her mental state was unhealthy and that she should have perhaps gone to a psychiatrist. However, her brother had roughly sent her to an unregulated treatment facility at that time, which resulted in a fear of psychiatrists.

Liu Qin told Chen Shi to read posts from four years ago, when Ah Zhen was still in school. There was a diary entry that caught Chen Shi’s attention: "...Some gossip is spreading among the classmates. I clearly didn’t do anything, but even he is starting to suspect me. How can he doubt me like this? Am I that kind of girl in his eyes? I obviously even gave him my first time…”

Liu Qin said, "The rumors may have been spread by Sun Jun. I don't know the specific details."

Chen Shi asked, "You’re so close to Ah Zhen, so why don't you know about this?"

"Sun Jun wasn’t in the same department as us. I guess that Ah Qiang must have heard the rumors first, so he went to question her. We didn’t hear anything on our side at all.”

Chen Shi said, "Let's go and look for the other classmates."

Later, the colleague from the information department arrived and discovered that the last login location was actually their current location, which showed that the person and the deceased had a very close relationship.

Chen Shi asked the colleague to look at the co

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