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He had been very free these past few days. While Tao Yueyue was at school, Chen Shi cleaned up the whole house. The house had looked quite clean but he actually had to change the water with which he had washed the rag three times. It could be seen that he had indeed been a bit too busy these days.

After the house was tidied up, Chen Shi put on an apron to wash vegetables and cook. Lin Dongxue would be coming over for dinner that night.

The reason why he didn’t drive his taxi that day was because Lin Dongxue had happily told him last night that she had gotten her driving license after sitting the exam again and had driven to work herself that morning.

At this time, his phone beeped. Lin Dongxue sent a message to tell him to hurry down.

Going downstairs, Chen Shi felt heartbroken when he saw that his car had been dented. What shocked him even more was that the car was full of napa cabbages. He asked, "What happened?"

"When turning a corner, I accidentally hit a stall selling vegetables. The stall was run by an old lady. I felt so sorry that I bought all her napa cabbages."

"My God. There are over sixty catties here. Why didn’t you hand them out to your colleagues?”

"I’ve already done that, but there are still so many left..." Lin Dongxue looked very wronged.

"Okay, I’ll make some hot and sour cabbage!" Chen Shi patted her head. "Don't blame yourself. I think you need to hone your driving skills. You still can't drive alone."

"I'll give you money for the car repairs!"

"No need. There’s insurance."

Chen Shi parked the car, and the two brought the napa cabbages home making multiple trips. When he thought about the situation, Chen Shi wanted to laugh. He asked, "There are no cases that I have to attend to lately, right?"

"There are none that we need to trouble you with. They are all minor cases. Today, a man blindly spouted spoilers for a movie that he watched. He was hacked to death. The murderer confessed to us himself. Oh yes, there was a girl who jumped off a building two days ago because she was jilted. Old Zhang has already dealt with it."

"Long’an's highly-intelligent criminals aren’t doing well this month!”

"I disagree. You’ve already solved two cases."

"Just one. That disappearance case didn’t count as ours. I didn’t get a bonus for it.”

"I know you’re so free that you’re bored. Why don’t you go to the bureau with me tomorrow to see what you can help out with?”

"I’m not going. I don’t want to do the post-investigation work. Just let me drive my taxi!”

"No wonder you don't want to be a police officer..."

"Yes, being a policeman is boring!"

When Yueyue came home, the three had dinner together. Tao Yueyue put down her bowl and went back to her room to read. Lin Dongxue looked at her back. "Yueyue has grown up."

"Oh? I didn't notice!" Chen Shi said.

"A little suggestion. She’s already a big girl. Is it still appropriate for her to live with you?"

"You kno

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