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Leaving the farmhouse, Chen Shi handed over the small book in which he had recorded down notes to Xu Xiaodong. "Go and verify everyone's alibis."

"Ah?!" Xu Xiaodong was shocked. This was a huge task.

Lin Dongxue asked, "Do you think the murderer is among them?"

"The time of the dinner and the times of death were very close. Within the cast, they have equal status with the two victims and have the most contact with them. Therefore, I think they can be designated as suspects."

"Then what was the motive for committing the crime... Could it be due to envy? The Japanese made more money than they do."

"They committed murder just because of that?"

"Don't forget, they were all drunk at the time."

"Well okay, it can be counted as a motive. In my opinion, there should be a deeper motivation."

Just a moment ago, this group of featured extras had mentioned that when everyone was humiliating the victims, Fujiwara had agitatedly gabbled a lot of things. However, everyone present said that their Japanese was very average and that they could only understand some everyday phrases. Therefore they didn’t understand what Fujiwara had said.

Could there be any key information hidden in those words?

Back at the bureau, the autopsies were underway. Peng Sijue handed Chen Shi a few photos showing the bloodstains on the deceased. He said, "Fujiwara's blood covered Tamura's blood. Tamura should have been killed first and Fujiwara was killed later... The liver temperatures were measured, and the time of death were almost the same."

"What about the beer cans that we brought back?"

"The can that you had marked "A" had been drunk by Fujiwara, and it was almost finished. The other can had been drunk by Tamura. Over half of the beer still remained in the can."

"What else?"

"The wound on Tamura's neck had been made by a weapon inserted from the side and then slashing outwards. Based on this, it’s speculated to be a double-edged weapon. The shape of the weapon that pierced Fujiwara was similar, but the position is very high up, probably at this position..." Peng Sijue used one of his assistants for his demonstration. He pointed out the knife wounds. "The first stab was from the back of the first rib to the fifth rib of the front chest. The second stab was from the first rib to the fourth rib in the front chest. The third stab was from the second rib to the third rib of the front chest. The tip of the knife had penetrated the lung lobes and the aorta, and the entire chest cavity was a mess."

After thinking for a while, Chen Shi glanced at the photos again and pointed to one of them. "Was Fujiwara’s blood found on Tamura's chest?"

"There was a little of his blood."

After pondering for a moment, Chen Shi smiled. "Did you know? Saying ‘Tamura’ and ‘Fujiwara’, it’s like we are in one of those Japanese murder mysteries."

Peng Sijue kept a straight face. "I still have things to do. I’ll take my leave first."


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