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Xu Xiaodong became tense and listened carefully. The footsteps stopped at the door before turning away quickly. Xu Xiaodong jumped up and ran out in pursuit.

He ran into a small alley following the direction where the sound of the footsteps had vanished. Looking around, there wasn’t anyone around. At that moment, laughter came from the alley behind him. Chen Shi said, "I was testing your responsiveness."

Xu Xiaodong became deflated. "Brother Chen, why did you give me a scare all of a sudden?!"

Chen Shi raised his hand. He had bought some snacks and drinks. "I was afraid of your being bored alone, so I came to keep you company.”

"It’s not too boring, it’s just..."

Chen Shi entered the house. Looking at the dark house, he asked, "Why don't you turn on the lights?"

"I'm afraid that I’ll alert them."

"You’re too upright! If someone really came to look for the victim, they would walk away if the lights weren’t turned on!"

Chen Shi turned on the lights, drew the curtains, sat down and opened the bag. He took the food and drinks out one by one. He said, "This guy's interpersonal relationships aren’t easy to investigate, and the friends he associated with aren’t good people. They’re all snakes and rats."

"I’m puzzled. He also graduated with a four-year undergraduate degree. How did he turn out like this?"

"It was because of gambling. I heard that his family background was pretty good. Ever since his father died, he couldn't get rid of the bad habit of squandering money. He lied that he was working outside of the city. In fact, he was just aimlessly living out his days, waiting for the day it all ends. The family couldn't afford this spoilt brat. He went around everywhere to borrow money from his friends and all of his more respectable friends cut ties with him.”

"Brother Chen, you won't leave tonight, right?"

"I'll stay and keep you company. You wouldn’t have any backup if you’re here alone."

Xu Xiaodong was moved.

In fact, Chen Shi had come directly from the bureau. The preliminary autopsy results of the victim, Sun Jun, had just come out. There was a lot of alcohol in his stomach, which contained anesthetics. He had undoubtedly been murdered.

Chen Shi paced back and forth in the empty house. Xu Xiaodong played Honor of Kings on the sofa. He said, "Brother Chen, why do you keep walking around? Do you want to play with me for a while?"

"Play it by yourself. I'm recreating the process of the crime."

Chen Shi imagined what the situation back then was like. The furniture in the house was neat. The murder process shouldn’t have been too intense. The murderer was an acquaintance. After anesthetizing Sun Jun, he hung him on the beam.

Chen Shi looked up and there were signs of friction on the beam of the house. A lot of dust had been found on the cloth that had strangled Sun Jun. The murderer shouldn’t have been able to hang Sun Jun up alone. They would have first looped a rope around Sun

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