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Peng Sijue was carrying a toolbox with him. It seemed that he had just gotten off the train after a long journey. Chen Shi was overjoyed and stood up to greet him. "Did you come here by yourself or did Captain Lin send you?"

"A bit of both!" Peng Sijue put down the box and took out a few documents. "I brought you guys something."

It was a co-investigation document signed by the Provincial Departments. Based on this, the police in Lieyang City could be mobilized. Chen Shi smiled. "Aiya, we’ve been sent the sword of state."

"Captain Lin said that the way you two were investigating was very inefficient. He asked our superiors to get more resources for you.”

"Let's go and arrest Lu Hao right now to interrogate him," Lin Dongxue said.

Chen Shi looked at Peng Sijue's box thoughtfully and asked, "Is the wood paint found on the money the same as the sample I gave you?"

"It’s the same."

"Well, then I have a bold idea."

They knew the bank Lu Hao entered on September 10th. Chen Shi’s idea was to take out the money from the bank and test it. If the Public Security Bureau hadn’t come forward for this matter, it would have been impossible for the bank to cooperate. It also required a lot of manpower.

Throughout the afternoon, the Public Security Bureau called all the appraisers over and checked the recently deposited banknotes one by one with a formaldehyde detection instrument. They finally found several banknotes containing wood paint.

Through the records of the ATM machine, they found a few bank cards. The cards were obviously registered to other people’s names, but these cards had two million successively being deposited on the 8th and 9th.

Seeing this result, Chen Shi was very pleased. His speculation was correct. Some of the money had already been transferred over before Lin Hui disappeared.

At 9:00 in the evening, Lu Hao sat in the interrogation room again. He looked blank. "Did you not catch the criminal already? Why did you bring me here again?!"

Chen Shi put a few bank cards on the table. "Are these cards yours?"


"They were found in your house. The deposits were also checked. There’s over two million in them. Where did you get the money from?"

Lu Hao was silent, but his eyes were in a panic.

"The money was given to you by Lin Hui as an accomplice."

"I don't know what you’re talking about at all!"

While summoning Lu Hao, the police conducted a thorough search of his house. He handled the fake identities for these cards and did other things. Chen Shi picked up a printed online shopping record. "From one of the fake identities used, you bought a long windbreaker on the 5th. How do you explain this?"

Lu Hao's eyes widened.

"In the evening of September 10th, there was a man in the same windbreaker with a gun in the Luyi housing community trying to harm someone. Where were you then?"

"At my friend's house!"

"Is there any evidence of that?"



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