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Peng Sijue and his subordinates began to survey the scene. There were many fingerprints and footprints of outsiders found in the deceased's house. Within the two hours of his death, he kept receiving messages from his friends on his phone. There were three people who had invited him out to have fun.

It seemed that Gu Daqiang was a very social person, so these fingerprints and footprints on the scene were totally useless.

The focus was on the window frame and Gu Daqiang’s body.

However, the surveillance footage held a clue. A man who was well-wrapped up in clothing had entered the housing district around 7:00 in the evening. After Gu Daqiang fell down from the building, the man left silently.

Chen Shi asked Old Zhang, "Old Zhang, do you suspect anyone?"

Old Zhang shook his head, "Ah Zhen's death was determined to be suicide, and the case was closed directly, so there was no in-depth investigation. Two guys had come over that night though."

"Besides Gu Daqiang, who was the other one?"

"He was called Liu Qin, but it’s impossible for it to be him. I smelled alcohol on him that night and found out that he was drinking and driving, so he was taken directly to the bureau.”

"Is he still there?"

"He’s being detained by the traffic police right now!"

Chen Shi asked Lin Dongxue to make a phone call to confirm this and Old Zhang continued, "But this Liu Qin might have been the direct cause of Ah Zhen's death. That night, Ah Zhen had sent him messages and he said a few things. I’ll show you the chat history."

Old Zhang took out his mobile phone with the photos of the chat history. As Ah Zhen's mobile phone was already badly shattered at the time, the text wasn’t too clear, but they could still make out the gist of it.

At first glance, it was just ordinary conversation. However, after careful consideration, one will discover that Ah Zhen was asking him for help. Maybe she had already reached the uppermost-limit of despair. Liu Qin had closed the door with a few words and pushed her into the abyss.

Chen Shi shook his head. "People don't know how to regret until a tragedy occurs."

"That’s so true. Liu Qin was very emotional afterwards. He said that he had killed Ah Zhen and was willing to pay for it with his life."

"I'll go and see him!"

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue went to the traffic police department. Seeing the police come to him, Liu Qin wasn’t surprised. He was still immersed in his sins. Chen Shi was very straightforward. "Your friend, Ah Qiang, is dead."

"How did he die?!"

"He fell from a building."

"Was it suicide?"

"I'm afraid it's not that simple. We want to talk to you, but it's not convenient here. I'll help with your bail."

After going through the formalities, Liu Qin was released, holding a box of his personal belongings in his arms. He immediately searched for his phone inside, and looked at it, before putting it into his pocket.

The three went to a teahouse out

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