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In the middle of the night, Old Wang and another featured extra went to the toilet together. The toilet in the dormitory had been built outside. It was troublesome to use the toilet.

The two of them were still drunk and talked about how they had given the Japanese a piece of their mind while having their meal that day as they walked. They couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Old Wang said, "No, I can't hold it in anymore. I’ll just relieve myself here!”

It was the middle of the night and nobody was around anyway. The two ran to a tree and took out their “tools” to apply “fertilizer”. Old Wang had the pee shivers. He felt a bit chilly and sobered up a little. He suddenly thought he saw something in the thicket and rubbed his eyes vigorously.

"Baoqiang, look at what that is!" Old Wang raised his pants and called out to his companion.

The two made their way through the thicket and saw two Japanese officers tied up with ropes, kneeling down. Old Wang froze while Baoqiang laughed. "They look like the real deal!"

"Haha, they do look like the real thing."

They thought that they were stand-in dummies prepared by the crew. It was already early in the morning by then. It just happened to be 918, so it really suited the occasion.

"Let’s quickly pack them up and send them back to the props department." Old Wang proposed.

He stepped forward to touch one of the dummies, and a "Japanese officer" fell straight down. A pool of blood trickled down from the collar. Old Wang screamed as if he was being electrocuted. "Isn't that so and so? Hurry up and call the police. Hurry up and call the police!"

The next day, the place where the bodies had been found was cordoned off by the police. Peng Sijue led his subordinates there to investigate and obtain evidence. Lin Qiupu questioned the two who had called the police. Old Wang said, "The two who died are featured extras from Japan. One is named ‘Tamura’. Written out in Chinese characters, it’s ‘Tamura Shinji’. The other one is called ‘Fujiwara’. His full name is ‘Fujiwara Akinori’."

Lin Qiupu furrowed his brows as soon as he heard that they were foreigners. This case was bound to be a bit troublesome.

"How did you find them?"

"Last night at around 12:00, Baoqiang and I came out to use the toilet, because we had been drinking and urgently needed to relieve ourselves. We decided to relieve ourselves next to a tree when we saw the two of them kneeling on the ground.”

"Did you notice anything abnormal in the surroundings at the time?"


"For example, were there suspicious people going in or out?"

The two shook their heads repeatedly. Lin Qiupu wrote down their names and contact information. One was named Wang Ying and the other was named Lu Baoqiang.

Back at the scene, Chen Shi squatted on the ground in order to examine the bodies. Lin Qiupu asked, "Why are you here?"

"Dongxue said that this case is a bit interesting, so I came over to have a

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