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The three of them came over and saw that there really were a few drops of blood on the ground. Chen Shi took a photo and then took a sample. The blood should have dripped on the ground while the murderer was hiding there with the weapon.

They checked the alley again. Chen Shi looked at the gradually darkening sky. "Aiya, did you notice who hadn’t slept well among those people?"

"I think that they all had red eyes. It should be because they had been drinking... Do you think that the murderer hadn't slept all night after killing them?"

"In the past, there was a case that was solved that way. It was very extraordinary. After committing murder, they’d be in a state of high tension and excitement. At the same time, they’d be worried that they hadn’t handled the scene well, leaving clues behind. The first time that people kill someone, they would usually have insomnia for the first three days."

"Where did the case take place?"

"‘Gushi Hui’! But the next time you see them, you should take a good look and see who doesn’t look well."

"You really suspect that group of people?"

"What’s your opinion?"

"From the scene, this was a premeditated murder. The murderer chose the day of 918, put the deceased in Japanese military uniforms and made them kneel as if apologizing, indicating that they wanted to cover up their true motives. It may have nothing to do with those bunch of drunkards."

"Speaking of military uniforms..." Chen Shi looked back and froze.

It turned out that Xu Xiaodong was lying prone on the ground with his buttocks in the air as he sniffed a clod of dirt on the ground. The two couldn't help but laugh out loud. They walked over and Lin Dongxue asked, "What are you doing?!"

"Major discovery! Major discovery!" Xu Xiaodong stood up. "Someone had vomited here, but it had been shoveled away. Look at the dirt marks on the ground."

Chen Shi squatted down to check. Sure enough, there were traces of dirt having been shoveled away. He rubbed a little bit of residual liquid with his fingers and smelled it. "It’s indeed stomach acid. Take a sample!"

"I made a contribution!" Xu Xiaodong said elatedly.

"Don’t be too proud. This may not have been left behind during the murder." Lin Dongxue said.

"By the way, where did the military uniforms come from?" Chen Shi asked.

"The crew said that they had been taken from the prop warehouse. Captain Lin checked the scene and there was no sign of the lock having been pried open. The prop master said that Fujiwara had the key."

"He had the key?"

"The scenes with the two had finished filming that day, but the director said that he wanted to re-do a shot. The prop master went off to eat first, and the key was handed over to Fujiwara. He was asked to return the clothes to the warehouse once they were done.

"Who knew about this?"

"Still asking... There are more people in this crew than expected."

"Let’s go to the warehouse and have a look."

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