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Volume 36: Why Did Ah Zhen Die?

Ah Zhen: Are you there?

Ah Zhen: I can’t sleep. I’m so miserable. Can you talk with me?

A Zhen:?

Mieba: Fuck. Do you have to be like this? You just got jilted. Why haven’t you gotten over it yet? You’re too narrow-minded, aren’t you?

Ah Zhen: I want to die!

Mieba: Oh save that crap. Go wash up and go to sleep!

Mieba: When you’re sad, try not to listen to sad songs and watch those weepy Korean dramas. You should read more unconstrained poems. A person needs to look further ahead and just be heartless like me. See how well I live!

Ah Zhen: Thank you!

Mieba: It’s okay, don’t think too much. Just go to sleep. That man is a scum. There’s no need to shed tears for him. Who hasn’t experienced such a thing as a breakup? Be more mature!

Ah Zhen: Alright.

Ah Zhen: Sorry for bothering you.


Ah Zhen: Hello, this is Zhang Jianjun, a policeman from the Long'an Public Security Bureau. The owner of this phone died after falling off a building half an hour ago. I need to verify her identity with you.

Mieba: *A message was withdrawn*

Mieba: Stop teasing me. How could she commit suicide.

Ah Zhen: Please tell me your mobile phone number!!!

Mieba: Fuck, really?!

In the middle of the night on September 25th, there were police sirens flashing in the Taohuayuan housing district. The woman who had fallen from the building was surrounded by the police cordon. The police were taking photos and fixing the area. Some residents ran down to watch in their pajamas and were stopped by the police outside the cordon.

Old Zhang had a mobile phone with a broken screen in his hands. On WeChat, the friend who had chatted with her last finally sent over information on her identity. The deceased's name was Ai Lizhen. She graduated from XX University and had been working for three years. She worked as a telemarketer in an investment company.

Old Zhang copied the information down and looked at the female corpse on the ground with emotion, "Haii, so young."

A policeman came down. "No outsiders have been in the house. The door was locked from the inside and the window was open. This was found on the table!" It was a suicide note, and some of the writing had already been blurred. Old Zhang sniffed it to confirm that it was wet from tears.

"It seems to be a suicide. Take the body away quickly! Hey, don't take pictures. There’s nothing to see here. Go back to sleep!" The last sentence was directed towards a grinning young man who was taking photos just outside the cordon.

A car drove into the housing district and two youngsters came out, rushing into the cordon regardless of the police's obstruction. Old Zhang said, "What are you doing? Hurry and get out. The police are handling the case!"

A guy in a red plaid shirt who reeked of alcohol cried and pointed at himself. "I was the one on WeChat just now, Mieba. I killed her! I should have figured it out earlier, why

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