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When Zhang Rui said "make Lin Hui die" so easily, Lin Dongxue thought that a huge sum of 10 million yuan would indeed make people want to take such risks.

Zhang Rui was silent. Chen Shi slammed the table and repeated the question once more.

He spoke slowly, "I followed Lin Hui to find out who her little lover was."

"You followed her on September 10th?"

"Yes, I saw her carrying the bag that day and walked into the bank. Strangely, she never came out of the bank. I suspected that I had been fooled and went back to her little lover’s place, but found that nobody was there. It was then that I realized that she may have lured me away!"

There was a discrepancy with Lu Hao's testimony here. Chen Shi was thinking that Zhang Rui was more likely to lie between the two of them.

He continued to ask, "After that, did you continue to chase after Lin Hui?"

"I'm not like you police who are so omnipresent. When I lost her, I went to find Li Xiang. I told him that I lost her and the money might be gone. We were depressed and drank all night. I comforted Li Xiang. It might be a good thing that the woman disappeared. After two years, we could pretend that she was dead and the two houses would belong to him. It wasn’t necessarily a loss.”

"You comforted Li Xiang?" Chen Shi sneered. " Li Xiang would get the benefit, but you would get nothing."

Zhang Rui became agitated. "I did think of killing people and grabbing the money, but I couldn't afford the consequences. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t have the life to enjoy it. I'm not that kind of reckless person! Of course, I’m sad that I lost the money, but I didn't kill anyone!"

"Another question. When you followed Lin Hui, did you notice that other people were also following her?"

"It seems like there were. I guess it would be the private investigators that the corrupt official hired. There were many of them. There was only me, so I knew about them, but they didn’t know about me.”

"Did you go to the Luyi housing district on September 10th?"

"What Luyi housing district? I haven't been!"

"How do you explain this?" Chen Shi showed him a screen taken from the surveillance footage.

Zhang Rui's eyes widened. "That's not me. I really haven't been there. I haven’t worn that windbreaker since last winter. How could it be possible to wear a windbreaker in this weather?"

"We will find more evidence to make you talk."

"Hey, I didn't kill anyone. I didn’t kill anybody!" Zhang Rui said loudly.

The interrogation was suspended. Chen Shi asked Old Zhang to bring back the evidence related to the case. Chen Shi looked unhappy, so Lin Dongxue asked him what was wrong. Chen Shi answered, "I feel like there’s a problem somewhere!"

"It’s not the first time where the suspect didn’t confess the truth. I believe that evidence will be found to pry open his mouth."

The location where Li Xiang was killed didn’t have security cameras. After that, the police went to

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