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Lin Hui's arrest went unexpectedly smoothly. When she saw the police rushing in, she barely resisted.

At 10:00 in the evening, Lin Hui was sitting in the interrogation room. Peng Sijue took an evidence bag to find Chen Shi. The bag contained a chip-like item. He asked, "What is this?"

"It was found on the cell phone of the deceased Li Xiang. It seems like it’s a listening device."

Chen Shi took it in his hand and seemed like he thought of something. Then, he said to Lin Dongxue, "Let’s go. Let's put an end to this case."

The two went into the interrogation room. Chen Shi said, "This may seem like the first time we’ve met, but actually it’s the second time we’ve met."

Lin Hui said coldly, "I've never seen you before."

"Several cards were found in the basement you rented in addition to some cash which the forensic technicians have identified. The cash was the money lost by the corrupt official."

Lin Hui's eyes widened as she looked at Chen Shi in disbelief.

"I’ll explain to you how we were able to test that it was the same batch of money. That money was hidden under a bed that had just been painted. The windows to the house were never opened for ventilation, so the money was covered in formaldehyde. Couldn’t you smell it when you used them?"

Lin Hui did not speak.

"Or you did, but didn't expect it to be a breakthrough point in the case?"

"I took the money," she admitted.

"You committed murder too, right?"

"I just took the money. What murder? I don't understand what you’re talking about!"

"Well okay. In fact, the clues we’ve uncovered are enough to piece together the entirety of the whole case. Let me talk about it a little!" Chen Shi picked up the glass of water and drank from it. "On the 10th, you asked Lu Hao to pretend to be Zhang Rui to wield a weapon with the intention of causing harm at the Luyi housing district. The intention was to be caught on camera so as to lay a foundation for what happened afterwards. Then, you asked Lu Hao to lead the people following you away while you ran away with the remaining 10 million. If the people caught up to you, you would abandon the car decisively. If no one found you, you would transfer the money over to Long'an. As a result, you found that Zhang Rui had followed you and immediately pretended to go missing. The car had the blood you planted as well as a hair of his that you found somehow. I suspect that it was from your own home. You’ve been monitoring this same-sex couple for quite some time, and from the conversation between the two of them, you heard Zhang Rui telling Li Xiang that he didn’t get the money. You thought that the fish had taken the bait, so you killed Li Xiang. When the police found out that Zhang Rui was hiding a huge sum of money, he would naturally be guilty of murdering for wealth."

Lin Hui's eyes widened.

Chen Shi continued, "But why did we continue to investigate when Zhang Rui had already been arrested? It’s because

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