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Ten minutes later, Liu Qin sat in the office, holding a cup in his hands and shaking so hard that the water in the cup had all spilled out.

Chen Shi sat down in front of him and asked, "Do you smoke?"

Liu Qin took a cigarette as he trembled and lit it. Lin Dongxue said, "The higher-ups don’t agree to the protective detention, but if you’re really afraid, you can stay here without any restrictions on your freedom."

"Thank you!"

"How do you know that you’ll be next?"

"Her signature. Please take a look. Her QQ signature."

Chen Shi and Lin Dongxue took out their phones and added Ah Zhen’s QQ number, and saw that the signature read, "Lonely suffering, lovesick bones, withered flowers, one, two, three..."

"The previous signature was something like "Flickering Flame". Last night, I logged in to QQ thinking of leaving a message to bid her farewell. Suddenly, I found that her signature had changed. No one knew her QQ password. This must be a murder advance notice. I will definitely be the second one! Absolutely!"

Chen Shi said, "Although I don't agree with it being a murder advance notice, I have to correct you a little. You’d be the third!”

"Who was the second one? Ai Guowei?"

"Sun Jun. He’s already dead."

"Sun Jun?" Liu Qin thought for a while, "Sun Jun from the other department? Surely, it isn’t him. Why is it him? He didn’t do much to Ah Zhen!"

"Who was the person that you just mentioned?"

"Ah Zhen's brother."

"Did he treat Ah Zhen badly?"

"Actually, he treated Ah Zhen very well. So well that he went overboard. As it was a single-parent family, the elder brother was the only male in the family. In addition, he had gone out to work early and had more authority at home. When she was in high school, she was discovered to have depressive tendencies. She was sent to an unregulated institution for treatment by her brother. Instead of being cured, it made Ah Zhen even more sensitive and vulnerable. However, she no longer dared to tell her loved ones that she wanted to die. She could only keep it in her heart." Liu Qin grabbed at his hair. "I should have noticed that she wanted to talk to me that day. You don't know about this, but she used to vent to me frequently before. Working for the past two years has hardened my heart. I’m also not as sensitive as I was before. I thought that she would have gotten more mature. Now I understand that she had never grown up! I killed her!"

Liu Qin pounded his own head. Lin Dongxue grasped his wrist. "Don't blame yourself. This is no longer a simple suicide, but murder. We still need your help."

Liu Qin wiped away his tears and drank some water.

Lin Dongxue asked, "I want to ask you something. Do you know what Gu Daqiang and Sun Jun were fighting about?"

"I don’t. They fought? Sun Jun even borrowed money from Gu Daqiang!"

"It was at the graduation banquet."

Liu Qin recalled, "Was it because of Ah Zhen?"

"I'm afraid that was the case."

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