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Upon hearing this, Lu Hao was so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat. He immediately plastered a smile on his face. "Yes, we met. She asked me to go out and eat that day. She vented to me at dinner.”

"Which restaurant was it?"

"Changlai Restaurant on Liuxi Road ..."

"Are you sure?"

"No, I remembered it wrong. It's Burger King."

"Are you sure? Then, let's verify it now."

"No, no, no, it was a food stall."

Chen Shi sneered. "There’s no security cameras at food stalls, so it’s convenient for your lie."

"I didn't lie. Why should I lie?!" Lu Hao really wasn't good at lying. Although he said so, his expression was flustered.

Chen Shi said, "Do you think we would be unprepared before we came to find you? Actually, we’ve visited her husband before we came to find you. We basically know what the relationship you two have with each other."

Lu Hao kept touching his nose and his cheeks flushed. Chen Shi gave him a final blow. "Or, let's change places and sit down for a nice talk?"

"No, no!" Lu Hao finally admitted defeat. "I admit. I admit that I have that kind of relationship with her, but it's not the relationship you think. Our relationship is a little bit more of that kind."

"What kind of relationship is it? Make it clear!" Lin Dongxue was a little impatient.

Lu Hao smiled and said to Lin Dongxue, "Leave me a little face, okay? That is... We had an affair!"

"How long have you two been in this relationship?"

"Over a year now."

"How did you two get to know each other?"

"She came to get her hair done and left her contact information down. I’m not as weird as you think. She took the initiative to seduce me. She said that her marriage was unhappy and her husband was trash in all aspects. She didn’t know why she blindly married him. I comforted her. At first, it was just verbal comfort. Later, it became physical comfort..." Lu Hao raised his eyebrows and smiled at Lin Dongxue. "Beauty, that isn’t illegal is it?"

"Why didn’t you tell the truth in the beginning?" Lin Dongxue said.

"I want to save some face too!"

"So, you met on the 8th. Where did you meet?"

"As usual, we found a bed, ordered take-out, had sex after eating, and then ate after sex. Then, we slept until the next day."


Seeing the other party's expressionless face, Lu Hao was smiling a little ashamedly. He retracted his smile and told them the address. It wasn’t a hotel there, but a cheap apartment near his workplace.

Lu Hao explained that it was his friend’s house. When the friend went abroad, he was safekeeping the keys and temporarily borrowed it.

Hearing this, Chen Shi thought that it was another clue that couldn’t be verified by physical evidence.

He asked, "Can we go and have a visit?"

"There’s nothing to visit. It’s just a small broken house. Rest assured, there won’t be any corpses in it." Lu Hao tried to joke, but neither of the other two smiled. He scratched his he

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