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Before leaving, Chen Shi asked, "Who has the house been rented to? I want to see the rental contract."

"It's just a mother who accompanied her child as they go to school."

"Show me the contract."

"Contract... I don't know where I’ve put it. I’ll look for it..."

Li Xiang moved everything around and found a bunch of documents. Chen Shi looked at them one by one, but they all weren’t the contract. Chen Shi asked, "What about the property title?"

"It’s in Lin Hui's possession."

"Can you contact the tenant?"

"Uh... I’ll try!"

Li Xiang's hesitant attitude made Chen Shi suspicious. He dialed a number on his phone. "Sister Li, a police officer wants to confirm with you about your renting the property."

The other party said, "What police officer? I haven't done anything while living here."

"He just wanted to ask some questions. You should talk to him!"

Li Xiang handed over his phone, and Chen Shi talked to the other party to confirm that she was indeed Li Xiang’s tenant. After hanging up the phone, he said, "Let’s go over and have a look now!"

"Didn't you just call them? Why do you still want to go over?"

"We’ve already agreed prior."

"Okay, I will take you there..."

When leaving, Lin Dongxue whispered to Chen Shi, "This guy is very suspicious."

Chen Shi nodded. Li Xiang’s little tricks couldn’t get past him. He just said on the phone that there was a “police officer” who wanted to confirm the “renting of the property”. He seemed to be alerting the other party. Judging from this, the house was the key to everything.

Two hours later, they went to a newly built housing community in the suburbs. Although the facilities here were complete, the location was a bit far off. Li Xiang explained, "When the real estate was developed, it was said that there would be a subway built here, but they still haven’t started on that project. It’s because it’s too far away that we didn’t use it as our wedding house. It’s not convenient going to work from here.”

"Do you have the key?"

"Uh, they changed the locks after I rented it out."

"You actually agreed to that?"

"This is what they asked for. In order to rent it out, I had no problems with that. It’s not easy to rent out a property in this area."

"You said that the aunt only rented it to accompany her child’s studies, but there seems to be no schools nearby."

"There is. Two stations from here, there’s a middle school."

Without a key, they could only stand outside the door. Chen Shi tried to ring the doorbell, but no one answered. Li Xiang explained, "Her son is probably studying by himself and the elder sister probably went out to buy food."

"Call her back!"

"This... This doesn’t seem right. This is my family's business. Why should we drag her into this?"

Chen Shi sneered. "Okay, you should go back first. We’ll wait for her here.”

Li Xiang was embarrassed. Facing Chen Shi's grim gaze, he couldn’t do anything but

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