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The two met several colleagues who had a good relationship with Lin Hui. One colleague said that Lin Hui had always been very motivated and never made any mistakes. After joining the company for a few years, she was promoted to deputy supervisor. Her husband worked in a neighboring city, Lieyang. His work and house were both over there, and it takes four hours to drive there from Long'an. So, Lin Hui rented a cheap apartment nearby and usually stayed there, only returning home on the weekends.

Chen Shi asked this colleague for Lin Hui's photo. He looked at the photo for a long time. Lin Dongxue asked, "Is that the woman from last night?"

Chen Shi picked up a mirror on the table, set it up, and put some distance between them. The two could only see each other from the rear-view mirror. He said, "Last night, I just saw her from the rear-view mirror. It was dark and she was wearing sunglasses. I could only see a woman with long hair."

"You mean it might not be the person herself?"

"I just wanted to say that uncertain things should be left in doubt for a while!"

Next, they met a second colleague. They talked about how Lin Hui recently quarreled with her husband. Once, she went to Lin Hui’s apartment as a guest. She and her husband quarreled over the phone for half an hour. The problem seemed to be about the house.

A colleague later asked about it and Lin Hui revealed that her husband seemed to have cheated on her. The two had plans to divorce.

Also, Lin Hui didn’t return home on her holidays recently, and the couple seemed to be in a state of separation.

The colleague finally said, "I’m only guessing regarding the separation and divorce. She didn't tell me about the specific situation."

Chen Shi asked, "When you saw her for the last time, what was her hairstyle like?"

"She usually wears her long hair in a ponytail!"

"Was it as long as this?" Chen Shi gestured around his shoulder.


Then, they met several other colleagues, but they didn’t provide any fresh clues. The two left the company, went to the apartment that Lin Hui rented, and asked for the key from the landlord to open the door.

The house was small, with only one bedroom and one bathroom. It was specifically rented to nearby office workers.

However, the house was clean and the garbage was completely discarded. Lin Dongxue said, "It seems that she was going to go out for some time when she left."

"Your observation skills are getting better and better." Chen Shi praised.

"However, there seems to be no sign of raising a dog." Lin Dongxue sniffed. "Houses with dogs usually don’t smell this good.”

"It's a bit painful to raise a medium-sized dog in this small place. Those colleagues didn't mention anything about her keeping a dog. The dog might have been raised at her other house.” Chen Shi pulled open the drawers one by one and inspected the house. It was so clean that he wasn’t sure if he could retrieve any DNA.


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