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After careful identification of the car, Zhang Hao’s father’s DNA was not found in it. However, an investigation into its driving records revealed that the car had driven out of the city repeatedly two years ago. Chen Shi felt that it was the time when Zhang Hao abandoned the body.

Chen Shi speculated that Zhang Hao killed his father in the same way his father killed his grandfather. The meat was mixed with beef paste to be made into meatballs, and the bones were discarded in multiple places. A lone human bone appeared in the suburbs, even if dogs didn’t walk away with it, it was difficult for the finder to associate it with murder, so only one skull was found in the end.

Lin Dongxue aggregated all the evidence she had on hand and handed it to Lin Qiupu. He tried to apply for an arrest warrant. In the afternoon, an arrest warrant sent by the Procuratorate was handed over to Lin Dongxue.

The formal arrest was at 7:00 in the evening. Lin Qiupu felt that the case involved eating human flesh, so the social impact wouldn’t be very good. If it was possible to keep it low profile, they should.

When he got in the car, Chen Shi said, "Let me tell you some interesting news. A restaurant owner in a foreign country killed someone and treated the body in the same way. The customers called the police."

Lin Dongxue asked, "Why? Was the taste not right?"

"Because it was a vegetarian restaurant." Chen Shi laughed.

"What a heartless guy. How can you still laugh about it? You almost ate human flesh.”

Arriving at the Zhangji Soup Noodle Store, it was very dark in the alley. Sounds of crying came from the building. Lin Dongxue stepped forward and knocked on the door. The wife came to open the door after a while and her eyes were red. The police entered the store without being polite.

"Where’s Zhang Hao?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"He went out shopping."

"Sister, were you and your child crying just now?"

The wife lowered her head and stayed silent. The child ran down the stairs. His face was red on one side and there were tears on his face. He said aloud, "Daddy is a bad guy. Please take him away!"

"What happened?" Lin Dongxue asked the wife.

"He..." The wife stammered. "He was in a bad mood and hit the child. Can you not involve yourselves in other people's affairs all the time? I beg you."

The child screamed, "Dad ran away. You guys should hurry and catch him."

"Don't talk nonsense!" The mother scolded.

Chen Shi said sternly, "What the hell is going on? Absconding from a crime will increase the crime. You shouldn’t cover for him anymore.”

The wife was so frightened that she cried with her face covered. She told them the truth. After the incident happened in the morning, Zhang Hao had a stomach full of rage and didn’t look too good. Later, he hit her son because of a trivial matter.

The son said he had told the police the truth and told him to wait for jail time.

Upon hearing this, Zhang

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