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Two hours later, Peng Sijue rushed to the scene with his own people. The bones in the wall were taken out piece by piece and placed on a tarpaulin. Chen Shi silently counted them. The tibia, arm, ribs, skull. These completed a full human skeleton.

In order to prevent unnecessary trouble, the shop door was temporarily closed. Everyone was crowded in a room of 60 square meters. Above their heads was an incandescent lamp that was yellowed by smoke and oil. The scorched black bones looked particularly gloomy.

Thinking that the atmosphere there was too dull, Chen Shi said something to liven the atmosphere. He asked, "Dongxue, do you know how many bones humans have?"

"Don’t they say there’s 206 in books?"

"That's the standard answer. In fact, Asians only have 204."


Peng Sijue said, "Asia as a range isn’t accurate. To be precise, Chinese and Japanese only have 204, because our fifth phalanx only has 2 sections, and other races have 3 sections. Some children’s bones aren’t merged. It's 218...” He glanced at Chen Shi, "Show off!"

"How many pieces have you found now?" Chen Shi asked.

A forensics technician answered, "186 pieces. It seems that some small bones are missing."

Peng Sijue held the tibia with gloved hands and observed, "Adult male. Height is around 165."

Chen Shi unfolded the missing persons notice in his hand. "Zhang Hao's father, Zhang Fade, is also about this height."

"Unfortunately, these bones have all been scorched. I don't know if it’ll affect the further identification tests."

As they finished up and were about to leave the shop, Zhang Hao's son came to stop Lin Dongxue and asked, "Auntie, do you need to take my father away?"

Lin Dongxue hesitated for a while and touched his head. "We’re only investigating. When the investigation is over, you will see your father."

The child shook his head. "No, you should still take him away. He has a bad temper. He beats me and my mother every day. I hate him. It’s better for him to never come back."

"Little Chi, don't talk nonsense!" Zhang Hao's wife came over to stop the child.

Lin Dongxue noticed previously that Zhang Hao’s wife’s appearance wasn’t very good. There seemed to be old injuries in the area covered by her hair on her forehead. She asked, “Is what the child is saying true? Has he committed domestic violence?”

"Don't listen to children talking nonsense. How can a couple not argue?"

"You know what we found in the store. This matter is no longer a trivial matter. I hope you don't hide anything from me..." She glanced at the child. "If we take you to the bureau for investigation, it wouldn’t be good for you or your child!"

The wife hesitated and glanced at the other police officers. "I don't want to talk about this type of matter outside. Let's go upstairs!"

Lin Dongxue told the others to leave first. She went upstairs with the wife. The second floor was a small attic. Although the area was as large as

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