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Lin Dongxue thought for a while and said, "Lin Hui's husband, Li Xiang, also said before that she took the dog away on the evening of the 8th. The timeline sounds about right."

"Of course, the dog is not the point. The point is the money. I'm sure the amount of over 10 million yuan is one hundred percent gained from unknown means and it’s directly related to the disappearance of Lin Hui. To find out about the source of the money, we have to investigate every place that she’s gone to before her disappearance..." Chen Shi pondered, "Lu Hao is definitely hiding something. He generously brought us to the place where he and Lin Hui cheated in, but he wouldn’t let us go inside his home. Would his house have any clues?”

"Should we go back and catch him by surprise?" Lin Dongxue asked.

"Well, let's take a two-pronged approach. I'll go to Lu Hao's house. You go to Li Xiang's house to see who he meets and does after he gets off work.”

"We need to monitor Li Xiang as well?"

"Of course. His house is also the place where Lin Hui went to. Would the money be from there? Anyway, we’ll need to figure it out!"

"Okay, I'll see you later."

"Be careful!"

Along the way, Chen Shi was thinking about the whole incident. The money shouldn’t be Lin Hui’s. No one would put ten million yuan in cash in a sack and hide it in the boot of their car.

It’s very likely that the money was stolen or deceived from someone. The person who lost the money wouldn’t speak out and would only try to find it in secret.

The suspicions in the case made Chen Shi very excited, and he couldn't wait to know the truth.

Arriving at Lu Hao's house, Chen Shi entered the building opposite it, stood in the corridor, and stared toward the opposite side from the window. Stake-outs were naturally boring. He would sit on the stairs for a bit, then stand up and walk around. The residents going up and down would look strangely at him.

After nightfall, the stairs were dark. Lin Qiupu called and asked about the situation there. He said that the case had been officially filed. He greeted Lieyang’s public security bureau and gave Chen Shi a deputy chief’s contact information so that he could ask them for help at any time.

Then, Lin Dongxue sent a WeChat message with a red Chevrolet in it. Lin Dongxue said, "This car came to Li Xiang's house in the evening and the person has been in the house the entire time. The curtains have been closed. I don’t know what they’re doing inside. I can only see the light from the TV."

Chen Shi was slightly surprised. This car was very similar to his own car.

He replied, "Is there a hotel nearby? Book it if there is and I’ll find you later."

Lin Dongxue replied, "There is one that I’ll book later. After a day of running around, I stink of sweat. I’ll have to take a nice shower tonight.”

Chen Shi looked up. Lu Hao still had his curtains pulled shut. At this time, the lights went out. Chen Shi intuitively judged that

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