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Volume 34: Sudden Disappearance

After going back "home" to visit his "parents", Chen Shi felt that he was finally relieved of something that weighed on his heart.

At 8:00 PM on September 10th, Chen Shi drove back from a neighboring city with snacks he had bought for Tao Yueyue. The car drove smoothly on the highway and he was quite bored while driving. He listened to the radio to pass the time.

I should get home at about 9:00 in the evening.

A white Mercedes-Benz appeared in front of him. Interestingly, there was a Husky in the front passenger seat poking its head out with its tongue sticking out. Chen Shi waved at the dog and the dog turned to look at him.

The driver was a woman wearing sunglasses. It’s so late at night, but she’s wearing sunglasses while driving on the highway. Isn’t she afraid she’ll get into an accident?

The other party glanced at him from the rear-view mirror and suddenly stepped on the accelerator to accelerate away.

Ten minutes later, Chen Shi stopped and refueled at a gas station along the way. He also bought a burger and a beverage. Soon after he re-entered the road, he saw that the white Mercedes-Benz had stopped on the side of the road. He slowed down and passed by it. No one was in the car. Only the husky was left inside, scratching the window. There was a touch of red on the fur near the dog's mouth.

Occupational sensitivity made Chen Shi suspicious, so he stopped the car on the side, pulled the key out, and ran over. He looked into the car. The dog scratched the window even more vigorously. There was a pool of red under the seat, which seemed to be blood stains.

Did something go wrong?!

He decisively called Lin Qiupu. "I was on the highway when a female driver mysteriously went missing and there’s blood in the car."

"What?!" Lin Qiupu didn't seem to hear him clearly.

Chen Shi repeated himself, this time adding a sentence, "I suspect something’s gone wrong."

"Which highway?"

"XX highway."

"That's in the outer suburbs. Even if we rushed over, it’d take us a couple of hours and we’re off work right now…”

"Hurry up. Get whoever is closest to come. I’ll send you my location."

"I’ll let the branch office know. By the way, why do you always meet with these sorts of situations?”

The police rushed over, but it took a while. Chen Shi thought that this woman might have been attacked. Maybe she was still alive. This dog might be able to help.

So, he went to his car to find a wrench and smashed the window of the Mercedes-Benz. Thankfully, nobody was around to see it. The glass shattered and the Husky jumped out anxiously, wounding its stomach.

The husky excitedly circled around Chen Shi, wagging its tail and sticking its tongue out. It had a collar and leash. Chen Shi was afraid that it would be hit by a passing car, so he pulled on the dog leash. "Don't worry, I’ll accompany you to find your owner."

The husky seemed to want to cross the road.

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