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Volume 33: Grandfather’s Taste

Ding Ding Ding Ding...

This was the first bell for the new semester in September. As soon as the teacher left, Wei Zengmali ran over to Tao Yueyue's seat and said happily, "Yueyue, you’re too amazing! You took the first seat in our grade for our final exams! Treat me to some food!”

Tao Yueyue was packing up her notes and took out a textbook. "It's nothing much. I’m only the first in our grade.”

"Only the first in our grade?!" Wei Zengmali repeated this sentence with exaggerated expressions. "You’re too calm. You only transferred here a semester ago and you took first place in our grade. There’s so many people who are jealous. Look at Li Yantong.” She glanced over at the few girls who were gossiping together. The class representative, Li Yantong who was smiling suddenly retracted it and looked at them with cold eyes before going back to gossiping again.

Wei Zengmali lowered her voice and said to Tao Yueyue, "Did you notice that the way Li Yantong looks at you doesn’t seem normal? It must be jealousy."

"Follow me!"

Tao Yueyue stood up and Wei Zengmali followed behind, puzzled. She actually went straight towards Li Yantong. The other party stopped talking and showed a hostile look. Several of her buddies also looked at Tao Yueyue. Their eyes looked like wolves who saw an intruder.

"Explain!" Tao Yueyue looked at Li Yantong's face and said coldly. She was ten centimeters shorter than Li Yantong. It looked like a lower-grade student was talking to a senior.

"Explain what?" Li Yantong smiled and put her finger on her chin.

Tao Yueyue opened the new book she had just received. There were many pages with shoe prints on it, causing it to be tattered. She said, "Why was the new book I received like this? You’re the class representative. I request a replacement.”

"What right do you have?" Li Yantong said arrogantly. "You want to exchange it after accidentally damaging it? If you pay another textbook fee, I can tell the teacher."

"I accidentally did it myself?"

Li Yantong looked at her with her head tilted and her friends were sneering on the side. "Do you suspect that I did it? Do you have evidence?"

"Of course!"

This sentence surprised Li Yantong, and she frowned, "Let me have a look."

Tao Yueyue held up her phone, which contained a photo of shoe prints. "This is a photo I took of your shoe prints today. It’s exactly the same as in my book. These shoes are worn on your feet right now. You’re still denying it?"

Li Yantong's eyes widened and she continued denying, "Then tell the teacher. Would I be afraid of you? You just scored first place in our grade’s exam. Who do you think you are? I’m the class representative of this class!"

"So, you admit it?" Tao Yueyue stared straight into her eyes.

Li Yantong's cheeks flushed. Fortunately, the class bell rang, and Tao Yueyue left her with a threatening look. After she returned to her seat, a friend sent a te

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