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Chapter 512: Poisoning At Night

At 10:00 in the evening, in the corridor of a small hotel, Zhang Kui was leaning in front of a door with a cigarette as screams came from inside the door. "Help, rape!"

A person passing by glanced sideways and Zhang Kui said with hostility, "What are you looking at? Do you want to die?"

The man picked up the pace and walked away. Zhang Kui shouted from behind, "I’ve remembered what you look like. If you dare call the police, I’ll invalidate you!”

The man turned around as he descended the stairs and waved his hands. "I won’t dare! I won’t dare!"

Zhang Kui exhaled the smoke with pride. He knocked on the door. "Dad, be more quiet. People outside can hear you."

"Don't bother me!" A voice inside roared.

Zhang Farong was pulling the girl’s clothes apart. He was sweating impatiently. The new type of bra was too difficult to undo. The girl was still struggling. He said impatiently, "Don’t scream. If this kind of thing gets out, would you still have face?"

The girl was so frightened that she turned pale. Zhang Farong finally undid her bra. Seeing the girl's upper body made him excited. He began to play with his crime-making tools. However, the old man was so old that he couldn’t enter the correct state.

He regretted that he didn’t buy a small blue pill before he came and wasted his son’s filial deed.

At this time, there was a bang outside, which made Zhang Farong shake a little. Then, three big men pushed the door in. The two walking behind carried Zhang Kui whose face was swollen and he was beaten unconscious.

The big man in the front widened his eyes. "You dare rape my wife in broad daylight when things are peaceful?[1]You old fart, why aren’t you getting off the bed?!”

Zhang Farong looked at the girl in bed who put the blanket over her chest as she cried softly, and then at the group of people who came in. He understood immediately. It was no wonder that it was so easy to trick her into coming to the hotel. It was definitely a trap.

Without clothes, even his aura felt weaker. Zhang Farong said, "Misunderstanding. It’s a misunderstanding, brother. She didn't say anything!"

"How do you think we should take care of this matter? Public or private?"

He glanced at his son. Zhang Farong clenched his jaw. "Don’t play this game with me. Us father and son both walk the path of the underworld. Don’t threaten us with the police. I don’t have a job and my son doesn’t either. You can report us. We’ll be released after two days max. Hmph, I know you guys wouldn’t dare call the police.”

"Hoho!" The big man smiled. "You seem to understand, so I won’t talk in circles. If I break your legs here, would you call the police?”

Zhang Farong felt humiliated and took off the only piece of fabric on his body – the undershirt on his upper body. He revealed the dragon tattoo on his chest that looked a bit odd due to the slack in skin from old age.

He smacked his chest. "Fuck, y

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